Zara loose tapered pants, H&M silk blend tee, D&G Miss Pocket bag, old Prada flats and DIY pouch necklace.

It’s been yearsss since I’ve worn “loose” pants..the last time was probably back during high-school when I used to wear crazy baggy jeans lol with my adidas superstars and some cute/random American Eagle tshirt. sighhhhhhhhhh those were the days <3 So anyway, back to these pants. Unfortunately, the lens on my camera is absolutely rubbish indoors/low-light areas, hence the grainy poopy images hence you unable to see my pants clearly. I'd actually been looking for a pair of loose tapered-y pants for ages now and was super happy when I found these at Zara. I'm gonna go back maybe tonight to see if they come in another colour, and also to look for this skirt (photo from Ztylistas).

Oh and please disregard my disgusting make-up-less face. Lol my eyes are so small -__-

So it’s that time of the year again! YSL Manifesto! This time I went about 45 mins earlier and the line wasn’t that long so I was quite near the front. By 12, I saw that the line had extended all around Statue Square on Chater Road.

The line. As usual, plenty of grannies lining up in the sweltering heat for something they didn’t even know.

My LV speedy that I quickly DIY-ed on the bus on my way there.

On my wrist today: H&M armour ring, other rings, Vintage Tag watch, Mom’s cuff and COS chain bracelet.

YSL ambassadors

heeeee love it :D They really stepped it up this season! The YSL Manifesto comes in a cute little pouchette with a zipper and a little handle AND there’s binding! Lol, in previous years the totes were simple but still really cool.

Zipper! Binding! A window!

Cute little pouch!

Oh and Hiiii to the reader who spotted me out there. That was the first time I’d ever been “recognized” on the street randomly and lol sorry if i was awkward and shy hahahaha :S

Did anyone know what I was referring to in my previous blogpost title? I just finished reading the book Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I loved it. It reminds you of memories and people and things that you should cherish. Well I don’t wanna give away too much but i really really really recommend it. Also, the movie is coming out soon, starring Carey Mulligan (love her!), Andrew Garfield and moonface Keira Knightley. I watched the trailer a while ago and thought it was kinda weird but after reading the book, even just watching the trailer almost made me bawl my eyes out.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival :D

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