manteaux et chaussures

top row: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Topshop, Mike&Chris
middle: Forever 21, Forever 21
bottom: 3.1 Philip Lim, Gap, Mike&Chris

I’ve been searching for a trench coat or something to that effect for the longest time. I know it’s only smart to really invest in a well-made well-crafted piece but being a broke student isn’t really helping. I’m also not too sure on what colour I should invest in. I know beige/tan is classic but then I don’t think I really have a lot to match with that…i mean..i do wear either black/grey/white and most of my handbags are dark coffee maybe..i suppose…but…i’ll have to see haha.


top: All A.P.C.
middle: RendezVous by Paul&Joe via UO, MM6 by MMM, Rekiem via PixieMarket
bottom: RendezVous by Paul&Joe via UO, forgot, Miu Miu

While on my long-ass prowl for the perfect manteau I also found a bunch of other amazing jackets. I’ve been wearing the same few jackets that I have..which is smart and I really am getting the most out of my purchases..but I also get amazingly bored at things quickly so I always want new things. I’m really leaning towards one of the APC coats..i love APC.


top: Forever21, Report Signature, Theory
second: Marni, Steve Madden, Repetto
third: Marni, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu
bottom: all Topshop

I also got carried away and went on the prowl for some shoes. I’ve been dying to get the perfect pair of strappy shoes: not too many straps and not too boring with too few straps and no subtle’s a mix of some high and low end shoes that I am all dying/craving for. I threw in some other hot ones that aren’t strappy too.

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