Margiela with H&M collection available November 15th at H&M Central, Canton Road, Elements and Langham Place.

SO SO SO lucky I am that I got to mingle with the Margiela with H&M collection before most people! Like most of the fashion wurld, I’m dying dying for so many of the limited edition pieces. Unfortunately, H&M Hong Kong is not offering any special pre-sale so I’ll have to just line up like everyone else! SUPER DOUBLE UNFORTUNATELY, on November 15th (the launch date) I won’t be in town! At that point I’ll be in New York already and I’m seriously not going to line-up in freezing temperatures in a line that is probably going to be 10 times longer than the line in Hong Kong…le sigh #fashiongirlproblems

So at least I was lucky enough to try on all my favourite pieces from the collection! You know me, accessories obsessed, so of course I was thisclose to slipping all the accessories into my handbag and making a run for it! For the price range, the collection is very well made and looks like the authentic Margiela archive pieces that they were all based on. Basically, Margiela took iconic pieces from his archives and reinvented them (in terms of fabric, etc) in a way that would be more affordable for the H&M market. Some of the pieces in the H&M collection are based on pieces from Margiela’s archive that date back to 1989 and it’s funny cos they are still items that could be considered trendy today. I especially loved all the crazy oversized jackets and the pieces that were like bundles of surprises (hello duvet coat!); although they are pretty much impossible for everyday wear, I’d still buy them if I got the chance. Every single piece is iconically Margiela and though they are H&M made, they are all definitely still worth buying even if just to collect and not wear!

For coverage on the #Menswear collection from #MARGIELAwithHM, please check out TOUGHLOVE!

SUPER Oversized Pea Coat – Ladies N°7 [AW 00/01]

OBSESSED: Duvet Coat – Ladies N°1 [FW 99/00]




SUPER FURRY BEAR COAT!!! Beaver Faux Fur Coat – Mens N°66 [AW 07/08]


Reversed Denim Jacket – Mens N°74 [SS 05]

Iconic Margiela tag with an H&M twist


DYING!!!! Invisible Wedge Pump – Ladies N°49 [SS 07]

Invisible Wedge Ankle-Boot – Ladies N°59 [SS 07]

Amazing leather embossed tags

My favourite piece: Candy Clutch – Ladies N°55/57 [SS 10]

Enlarged Watchframe Bracelet – Ladies N°51 [AW 06/07]

DYING!!! Extended Watch Belt – Ladies N°50 [AW 09/10]
DYING!!!!!! Faceless Watch Bracelet – Mens N°95 [AW 06/07]
DEAD…….. Open Clasp Watch Bracelet – Mens N°97 [AW 06/07]

Another favourite!! Necklace – Ladies N°38 [AW 10/11]

SOOO who’s going to be lining up!!!!????? Is anyone willing to help me get stuff???!!! Will pay extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMMIGAWWWDDDDDD!!! I was going to ask YOU whether you can get me stuff!!! That faceless watch bracelet, watch frame bracelet, CUTEST candy clutch, invisible wedge ankle boots!!! I DIE!!!!!
    Hook me up if you find anyone who will line up?!??

    Cute pics of the duvet coat lol xo

  2. Fascinating collection, fun post thanks!

  3. Omg, those wedge boots and candy clutch… I don’t know how you didn’t attempt to steal them hahaha. That duvet coat is madness.

  4. i think i might just line up this once here in sg!! want to strike a deal?? LOL. no guarantees tho :-

  5. I’m very happy because it’s even better than in the picture! I like it a lot!

  6. I’m going to be lining up! What would you like? :)

  7. Love that duvet coat!! I would wear it every morning instead of a robe! :-)

  8. You are killin it with that denim jacket. Lucky you have cool readers who will help you get MMM!!!!

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