BDGA varsity jacket (similar here), Diesel Black Gold sweater, b+ab jersey shorts, Chanel bag and Topshop stone ring.

A couple months ago now I got the chance to interview Pharrell! He was in Hong Kong promoting his new book: Places and Spaces I’ve Been. Just a few days before my interview time slot, I got word through my boyfriend that I was going to be interviewing Pharrell. I mean WTF, a few days is barely enough time to mentally prepare myself for the holy presence of Pharrell!!! The interview was alright, he’s really..spiritual and out of this world which is exactly how I expected him. One of my favourite part about meeting celebrities, is getting them to say “SUPERWOWOMG”, and let me tell you, 90% of anyone who has never heard it before, will say either SUPER WONG WONG or SUPER WOM GOM or some other babble to that affect. Just in case anyone was’s SUPER WOW OH MY GOD….dont ask.

The next day after the interview, Pharrell was scheduled to do a book signing session at the On Pedder store on Queen’s Road Central. Oh so back to the main focus: the book. Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been is a fun book filled with amazing photographes of his work and creative life up until this point. From The Neptunes, N.E.R.D., working with Kanye, Jay-Z etc to Nigo and Billionaire Boys Club, the book captures his contribution to music, fashion and art through rich vivid photographs and contributions from Anna Wintour, Buzz Aldrin to Takashi Murakami, Kanye West and many more. During our interview, in between scoping out the Asian waitresses at Café Gray at the Upperhouse (I’m sure we all know his love for Asian women..), Pharrell mentions that he had a hand in every creative aspect of the book including the design of the cover. He didn’t want to just see his huge face on the cover so he was all chill and cool and like “just cut it off”. The iconic book has become one of those social media things where everyone holds it up half way to their face, a totally unintentional social phenomenon.


Because we met just the day before, he remembered me and came over to say hi~~ and to gave shoutouts to SUPERWOWOMG and TOUGHLOVE!

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