So here’s a final post from my recent trip to NY, straight G-ing it up outside the Ace Hotel– one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at btw, highly recommend it! On my last day there we just chilled out mostly, nothing too crazy as Jason was still in work-mode. As you know, food is always a priority for us so we went all American on ourselves and had fried chicken for lunch at Hill Country Chicken, a super super delicious spot near the Ace Hotel with the yummiest, juiciest, surprisingly not too oily fried chicken and very generous sides and desserts. We got the Mama’s Coop set that came with a couple pieces of chicken, 2 biscuits (kinda dry tbh :/ but I never really like biscuits), 2 sides and 2 mini-pies. Oh man them pies…you canNOT go wrong with Creme Brulee and a classic chocolate pie mMmMmMMm nommmmmm. Anyway after lunch we….okay I can’t even remember what we did now cos all I can think of is the juicy super flavourful fried chicken and that creme brulee pie. Well we did SOMETHING and I know it was awesome cos anywhere with Jason always is and then oh yes, we ended my last day in NY with a final meal (takeout) from..Chipotle (a.k.a. Heaven).

There is a very huge guarantee that I will be back in NY for another trip before the end of this year and this next trip will probably the best most exciting one yet and I can only anticipate more delicious food, plenty of heart-warming family stuff and more cute babies than I could even handle, and trust me, I can handle a LOT of cute babies. See you soon New York!

Hill Country Fried piece of heaven.

I eat my chickens like a BAWS, clean down to the BONEZ cos I’m CHINESE and my parents raised me well yaheaaaaaaaard.

Pre-haircut at Rudy’s Barber Shop at the Ace Hotel.

Final meal: CHIPOTLE. I will never forget the day my friend Kirti introduced me to this glorious food establishment known as Chipotle. I have to admit, my life was never the same since then. Some days when I’m in Asia, I’ll dream of the dreamy burrito rice bowls at Chipotle and wake up next to a puddle of drool #truestory #maybe #okayyes


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