Warning: photo overload.

Welcome to Singapore.

The Best, with a capital B.


My new nephew!

Ballet legs


Topshop. Didn’t buy.


Me and my friend.

Some sort of Singaporean tradition on the last day of Chinese New Year.

Mean muggin’

Garlic Shrimp.

Chili Crab.

Super fried baby cuttlefish.

Cry baby.

Sleepy baby.

Gangsta baby.


Three and a half days is way too long – so happy to come home to this:

Hey, nice baby hat!

Party brownie.

Party domo!

New things!


Denim shorts and silk floral pocket tee.

Royal-ish blue rhomper, made of the same sort of stuff as boardshorts – SUPER comfortable.

Army green parka, bought slightly fitted so that it fits Nanz too.


Floral frilly loose super comfy shorts. Front.

Cutest bow on the back.

Bought this awesome denim shirt for Nanz but wanted to post on my blog cos I can wear it too if I wear it opened.

My bestfriend Julie bought this for me from her recent trip to Thailand. It reminds me so much of the Givenchy headband for some reason. I love it.

New panther (?) head bracelet from my mom’s friend. If anyone is interested in buying one email me!

New glasses!!!!! Big, black and nerdy:

Hair curly from tying it up in a bun all day.

Sooooo I’m back from Singapore! Major photo dump that was, and that was even after I editted down from like 100+ photos. The cute fat baby is my cousin’s new baby! His name is Trent and he’s only about 6 months old! Such fat chubby cheeks I just wanna bite them off and run away with him. Didn’t manage to get any good outfit shots mostly cos I didn’t really care about what I was wearing. It was so freaking hot I wore anything that was super comfortable and I only brought my black vans with me since I knew we’d be shopping and walking around all day.

Oh i forgot to photograph the new pair of flats i got from Topshop. They’re navy elastic flats with a crepe bow on the front: very Lanvin but 1000% cheaper. I also bought a more fitted denim jacket from Gap Kids (I love being able to fit into kids clothes, even if it is Gap Boys XL). Compared the jacket to a Gap women’s denim jacket and they were exactly the same in style and detail except the Kid’s jacket was half the price. I’ll photograph it one day.

Not many people know that I’m actually Singaporean. My mom is Singaporean but my dad is Chinese but I was born in Singapore but was raised in Hong Kong. Complicated? I think not. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on where to go but since I only really had 2 full days to spend there, I basically spent all my shopping time and money on Orchard (ION, Somerset, Wisma, the yoosh [Hey seriously, who knows how to spell yoosh? As in that short-form/slang for “the USUAL”?!?! Wrecks my brain everytime]).

Did anyone notice my haircut? That was one of my major surprises of last weekend. I cut about 4-6 inches off my hair. I know, impulsive huh. I thought about, made an appointment and just 5 days later I cut it all off. I haven’t sat in a salon chair in close to 3 years. Even my hairstylist was like “You’re cutting ALOT off yknow, are you suuuuuure?” Anyway, I was hoping my shorter hair would look cool with my new glasses..I think the combination’s okay so far! I’ll take more photos for the next post.

The ALL famous, ALL knowing, ALL curing, ALL fantastical NANNIEZ has moved and updated her blog! She now lives at Ohh My Blog! Cute name yah? Anyway, her photos are super cute and I’m on her blog so DUH you need to MOSEY on over there NOW!

And to whoever asked last time, the lip colour I’m wearing in that photo of me and PB on the bus in my previous post is actually just Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer lip balm in Rhubarb!

Was thinking about doing a formspring thing, cos yknow, i’m a sheep and all that but I doubt anyone wants to ask me anything and my answers will probably be uber lame!

Sorry for the essay!

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