Warning: photo overload.

Welcome to Singapore.

The Best, with a capital B.


My new nephew!

Ballet legs


Topshop. Didn’t buy.


Me and my friend.

Some sort of Singaporean tradition on the last day of Chinese New Year.

Mean muggin’

Garlic Shrimp.

Chili Crab.

Super fried baby cuttlefish.

Cry baby.

Sleepy baby.

Gangsta baby.


Three and a half days is way too long – so happy to come home to this:

Hey, nice baby hat!

Party brownie.

Party domo!

New things!


Denim shorts and silk floral pocket tee.

Royal-ish blue rhomper, made of the same sort of stuff as boardshorts – SUPER comfortable.

Army green parka, bought slightly fitted so that it fits Nanz too.


Floral frilly loose super comfy shorts. Front.

Cutest bow on the back.

Bought this awesome denim shirt for Nanz but wanted to post on my blog cos I can wear it too if I wear it opened.

My bestfriend Julie bought this for me from her recent trip to Thailand. It reminds me so much of the Givenchy headband for some reason. I love it.

New panther (?) head bracelet from my mom’s friend. If anyone is interested in buying one email me!

New glasses!!!!! Big, black and nerdy:

Hair curly from tying it up in a bun all day.

Sooooo I’m back from Singapore! Major photo dump that was, and that was even after I editted down from like 100+ photos. The cute fat baby is my cousin’s new baby! His name is Trent and he’s only about 6 months old! Such fat chubby cheeks I just wanna bite them off and run away with him. Didn’t manage to get any good outfit shots mostly cos I didn’t really care about what I was wearing. It was so freaking hot I wore anything that was super comfortable and I only brought my black vans with me since I knew we’d be shopping and walking around all day.

Oh i forgot to photograph the new pair of flats i got from Topshop. They’re navy elastic flats with a crepe bow on the front: very Lanvin but 1000% cheaper. I also bought a more fitted denim jacket from Gap Kids (I love being able to fit into kids clothes, even if it is Gap Boys XL). Compared the jacket to a Gap women’s denim jacket and they were exactly the same in style and detail except the Kid’s jacket was half the price. I’ll photograph it one day.

Not many people know that I’m actually Singaporean. My mom is Singaporean but my dad is Chinese but I was born in Singapore but was raised in Hong Kong. Complicated? I think not. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on where to go but since I only really had 2 full days to spend there, I basically spent all my shopping time and money on Orchard (ION, Somerset, Wisma, the yoosh [Hey seriously, who knows how to spell yoosh? As in that short-form/slang for “the USUAL”?!?! Wrecks my brain everytime]).

Did anyone notice my haircut? That was one of my major surprises of last weekend. I cut about 4-6 inches off my hair. I know, impulsive huh. I thought about, made an appointment and just 5 days later I cut it all off. I haven’t sat in a salon chair in close to 3 years. Even my hairstylist was like “You’re cutting ALOT off yknow, are you suuuuuure?” Anyway, I was hoping my shorter hair would look cool with my new glasses..I think the combination’s okay so far! I’ll take more photos for the next post.

The ALL famous, ALL knowing, ALL curing, ALL fantastical NANNIEZ has moved and updated her blog! She now lives at Ohh My Blog! Cute name yah? Anyway, her photos are super cute and I’m on her blog so DUH you need to MOSEY on over there NOW!

And to whoever asked last time, the lip colour I’m wearing in that photo of me and PB on the bus in my previous post is actually just Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer lip balm in Rhubarb!

Was thinking about doing a formspring thing, cos yknow, i’m a sheep and all that but I doubt anyone wants to ask me anything and my answers will probably be uber lame!

Sorry for the essay!

Oh yeah and follow me on twitter or bloglovin’!

  1. your haircut was one of the 1st things i noticed! & i like it new do! I too cut my hair recently in SOOOO many layers!

  2. AHHH i want chicken n rice right now. and how awesome is that new ION mall?

  3. YAYYY so glad you were able to come for the weekend!! XDD haha it was really great meeting up with you!! thank you so much for the H&M stuff… i’ve been wearing the pants a whole lot! i love all these blogger meetups ‘cos it just makes everything seem so much more…realistic :D for want of a better word.

    OMggg Denise you are just detracting me from my revision schedule seriously… i just wanna go to f21 now at somerset and check out their selection of green parkas!! i’ve been looking for one in an olive green colour for agessss… haha to wear whenever i step into an air conditioned place i suppose. Or for travel. X) or ‘cos it just looks nice….

    haha i love yu sheng! :D and chicken rice!! glad you got to try so much good food… gosh your little cuz is adorable!!

    come back soooooon! :)

  4. Really liking these frames on you, they suit you darn well. You really came and went!

  5. Oh, those pictures of food make my stomach growl! Chilli crab is awesome :)

  6. Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog so much. You have a great sense of style and you’re so beautiful! I think formspring is a great idea and hope you’ll decide to do it!

    P.S the sleeping photo of your nephew is adorable!

  7. mate i love your new glasses and your new hairrr! im so envious you can pull off anything, lol. and that chilli crab is making me miss home, but i say that malaysia has way more awesome chilli crab than sg ever will. baha. mm what nail colour is that? i see it is quite the rage these days.

  8. AHHHH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I LOVE your blog! is soooo lovely!

    Great pictures!


  10. your hair looks great, Trent is so adorable!!! i want some garlic shrimp – yummy

  11. Wow! your nephew is amazing and so are all these pics. so loving those shorts, perfection.

    xx raez

  12. Awww I always love your posts. The energy is infectious! Your nephew is so adorabllllle. I’m loving your glasses, they are so cool.

  13. Adore this post, your new baby cousin is the cutest, I love all the shots of him! Your new things look great and I love that you share your clothes with your sister. My style and my sisters is really different so we rarely share! All that food looks delicious too! Nom nom!

  14. I really love how your pictures are really large, so we can see everything up close. And I really love your new frames. l;]

  15. your hair!!! :0! but it feels so good to cut it off! :D
    yaaayyy goodies and food! one of the two best things in the world!

  16. ggguh those floral shorts with the bow on the back kill me, crying i waaannt

    your nephew is super cute and so is your hurr cut!

  17. denise,
    1. yummy food — and happy belated new year!
    2. hello baby
    3. i want your glasses.

    love always,
    kt frek

  18. it’s my first comment here, and im so happy to see u have new post since i always check the 2/17″ kung hei fat choi”.(hahah)
    love ur blog and pictures!

  19. hello!! i always look forward to your updates~~

    I was wondering, where did you get your glasses?? and how much were they? thank you!!! love love love your style!

  20. Hainanese Chicken!!!!!!!!! and zhong zi (is that what you call it?) the thing wrapped in mega leaves!!
    looks. so. good. haha, and your nephew is uber cute :)
    glad to see you had fun, and did some decent forever 21 shopping! (i went there too in seoul, but all i found were a pair of white lace tights that i liked :( – and i went there 3 times!).

    AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, your locks!!!!!!!!!! haha i kid, it looks great :D

    much love x

  21. I see you had “yu sheng”!!! its always super fun to toss it together with friends or family =)
    Nice new glasses!!
    I love how your blog is always so fun and cheerful =) keep it up

  22. Looks like you had a great time in Singapore,but it seem like one fast trip you had. Awww,your nephew is so adorable:) And I do love the floral shorts you bought here!

    Yayy for new glasses,I’m looking for new ones too:)

  23. Your nephew is the cutest thing alive!!

    And that forever21 romper you bought, i have the same one except it has sleeves, trust me you will live in it. Its the most comfortable thing and its appropriate for every occasion. And i love those printed shorts from topshop. Printed shorts are on the top of my spring must haves list, haha!

  24. That dress looks really good on you and I like the look of that ring. Can’t wait to see some more pics of your hair!

  25. Great photos.. I especially love how you showed the pictures of the Zhong zi first and follow it up with the picture of your chubby-cheeked nephew. That really made me laugh out loud! That ring is so awesome!
    Thanks for sharing your photos of Singapore, I’m from there too :)

  26. Trent is so frikken cute, esp sad face !!!! The hainan chicken rice looks so good. Love the nerdy glasses, really suits you!! Gonna post some pics of mine too later hehe.

  27. what! gap kids! damn girl, you just gave me ideas to check out gap kids next time, haha.

    oh damn, did you also cut your hair?!!?!? im so oblivious! anyway, i like you with short hair! yummy food, the garlic shrimp looks so good, drooool

  28. yea i noticed the hair! so brave, the only way im doing it is announcing it, can’t wimp out of it now ;)
    givenchy headband ring adorable!
    ah girl you can raid my drobe anytime if i can yours
    shop next time im back in hk


  29. crap, were you the one that said you wanted to rain my wardrobe,
    hope so, or i totally just sounded like a loser :p

  30. Ooo i love your photography!
    Plus all the jewlerry you posted up i want want want!!

  31. mmm so much good food.
    and i loveee that green trench/jacket! amazingggg.
    cute specs too!
    oh and ps- that skirt/slip really does have a real zipper!

  32. hi fellow singaporean. I hate/love all the food pics. I love your mum (her looks). I’m glad you did a photo dump.

  33. Love your new stuff! And the baby is absolutely adorable :)

    Visit: http://cupcakesarefashion.blogspot.com/ :D

    XOXO, C.

  34. the givenchy inspired ring is so cool! and i love the romper tooo.
    your trip was fast and furious, lol, i hope you enjoyed spore ;)

    p.s: beautiful blogger, i have tagged you! check my blog?

  35. that Givenchy-headband-style ring is so, so good! aaaaaaah.
    your hair is beautiful by the by – i’d love long, thick, dark hair like yours! but then people are rarely happy with what they have, i suppose! i shall have to make do with admiring from afar. lovely blog you have!


  36. Those babies are so efffing cute!!! SO many cute baby pics!!!! lolol. Those glasses really suit you girl :)

  37. nanananannananannnoooniez you’re snoring louder than obi right now.

    oop he just beat ya.

    i’m naaaadddd sleepy. but you’re ALWAYS sleeby. sleeby like a sleeby mexican.

  38. to be honest, i didnt get to read this whole blog.
    but i a lot of times i drop by to look at your pictures. they comfort me.
    so thanks.

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