Zara skirt, American Apparel lace top, Emporio Armani schoolboy clutch, Topshop ponyhair leopard belt and Steve Madden Gretta Platforms (yes AGAIN).
Yep, another late post from another event that happened over a week ago. I know i know I’m really slow on posting and everyones always on my ass telling me to hurry up and post! Once a week is already really good for me!

So last week was the debut of MUGLER at Joyce Boutique. They celebrated with an amazing show held at the old Western Market in Sheung Wan. Models wobbled around the stage in their 100 inch heels to the sweet mixes of GAGA songs. Designer Nicola Formichetti and his muse Rick Genest aka Rico aka Zombieboy were there too with Rico moping his way around the stage to close the show.

Fun times as it was also another impromptu blogger reunion with some of my #HKFashionBlogger family there <3

Carmen, CKO giving me an awesome high five, someone, Daniel and someone else! Blogger friends from above!

Giving their best blogger poses! Daniel, someone, CKO and JJ.


Me and nanz’s favourite look! See the look here on

She actually MEOW-ed! See the look here on

Poor child had to walk around holding her boobies…i don’t really know why…look how sad she is though! ): See the look here on where the model is also holding her boobies but in a much cooler way.

Another amazing look…ruined by her smile. See the look here on

Moody Rico closing the show!

Final walk!

The finale, yeah I had a freaking lamppost in front of me the whole time -.-

All the blacks on one side!
L-R: Laura, Tina, Me, Michelle, CKO and CLN.

CLN waiting for slowpokes wearing Zara top, Izzue shorts, Steve Madden Gretta platforms and her brand new Cambridge Satchel Co. NEON yellow satchel that took forever and a year to come becausetheysuckatshippingandcustomerservice!

My mom’s awesome/cute/hardcore/funny cos he’s wearing daisy headphones SKULL pearl necklace and black pearls from her own collection: Susan Sng.

Me and Nanz’s matching shoes and matching toes! We are actually twins just born 14 months apart :D

Bye bye Western Market!

And finally, the photobooth pics! Lately, every event we’ve been going to they’ve been having photobooths which I think is awesome and fun. The line to wait though is not very awesome nor very fun but lucky for us we always just push in wahahahha.



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