Nike x Acronym Lunar Force One sneakers (above), Supreme tie-dye windbreaker, Hermes leather wrap bracelet as choker, Custom made silk bomber dress and Rose print by Alex Maeland.

It’s funny that as a graphic designer and as the wife of someone who has both arms and chest fully covered in tattoos, I honestly never really thought I’d ever get a tattoo myself. Of course me and my friends discussed it all the time (Julie now has a few too) and ever since I was a teenager I’ve always said that IFFFFF I were to get one, it would be something that I designed or drew myself. Jason never ever pressures me or says I should get one, in fact he’s quite the opposite, preferring that I have none but that IF I were to get one, then it should be something small and subtle, totally a contrast to what he has. I started playing around with the idea of getting something on my fingers, completely understanding the fact that most finger tattoos (inside palm-side or side of your fingers) don’t last very long and tend to fade almost instantly and that a touch up every few months or at least once a year was necessary if you wanted it to look nice.

Okay fast forward to after a few sketches on my hands and one fail consultation at a local Shanghai spot, I decided to just SUCK IT UP and to just get it done at this other tiny little shop since the whole process would only take less than 10 minutes. Okay guys this is my first tattoo and from what I’ve heard, fingers are one of the more painful areas and let me tell you..IT HURT SO FKING MUCH. I actually had it done twice in two sessions, the second time deeper, darker and thicker a few weeks after the first time to really seal in the design on these fading fingers. I’m so happy with the way it turned out and I really love that it’s really quite subtle and inconspicuous unless you’re staring at my fingers moving all the time. Anyway Julie also got a couple of tiny little ones that day too (three to be exact) then we carried on with our lives drinking margaritas and eating nachos. The end!

Do any of you have tattoos too? Did yours hurt tooo!? Now I’m wondering if and what I’ll get for my next one…

I didn’t know people (except for my 65+ year old dad) still wear these silicone wristbands…

Facetiming Nanz so she can see me suffer/distract me

First session done…

Little monster says byeeee~

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