my first time at Loehman's // H&M coupon!

Damsel thermal, AA skirt, tons of chains, miu miu bag

So today after bundling up for school, we went to have lunch all the way up town on 55th and 5th. Then me and Sha headed down to Loehman’s on 16th st and 7th ave. It was my first time there and it looked just like any other discount “designer” store.

Normally when we head to these kinda stores we only check out the shoe section and the brassier section. The shoe selection was okay, lots of the same Miu Miu shoes (that I wanted of course) lots of Barney’s Co-Op stuff and a random pair of Loubie espadrille cotton lace up oxford type things and other random stuff too. Unfortunately, my minimal budget still couldn’t afford designer shoes on sale ): However, I did manage to take some photos of some of the good stuff they had.

Miu Miu mary janes! ($150)

Awesome wedges in canvas neonish pink brush strokey thing! (also $150)

Same in yellow.

Wanted these gladiator type wedges so so so bad ): forgot how much they were.

They had like 2 pairs of these left..which amazed me cos these are probably one of the ugliest Chloe shoes I’ve ever seen. Like ugh what is that tiny kitten heel type thing doing there!? Although I have to say the colour is amazing.

AMAZING Stella McCartney wedges. The wooden heel is bonkers. Seriously check out that ANGLE! Almost 45 degrees!!! Can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain one must endure to look haawwwtt in these.

Same in Beige/Khaki (which I prefer)

Prada. The strappy thing wasn’t really working out but I just loved the textured vintage-look of the wooden chunky heel. Major height too.

These Jil Sander heels are so freaking adorable. They came in navy blue too but they were really cuties in pink. The only thing is that the straps were a bit too dainty for me.

I think my mom wanted these Lanvin flats. She has these black mary-jane ones that have a huge yellow puff ball on the tips where her toes are that obi loves to play with too. Anyways I might consider going back to get these for her if she really likes them. Not too sure about the satin though.


Right after stepping out of Loehman’s onto 7th avenue, a HUGE, probably the BIGGEST, mastiff I have ever seen just went strolling by, trotting along in these awesome little shoes. He was HUGE like up to the guys waist and more. Maybe his feet were cold on the frozen concrete ):

Here he is staring RIGHT into my camera. Maybe he was shocked cos it looks like he’s giving me the :O face! Kekekekeke look at his shoes!

Look how HUGEEE he is!!


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