Lately I’ve noticed alot of bloggers proclaiming that it’s very difficult to come up with titles for posts..and honestly it really is. So from now on I’m just going to be naming mine random things that pop into my head. And today’s post is dedicated to the tray of fries I left burning in my oven by mistake D:


I <3 my briefcase, it’s from Kimchi&Blue from Urbie

So after a very eventful 2 weeks of my bestfriend Julie being here, of course she had to leave ): BUT it’s okay cos I’ll be back in Hong Kong for good in about a month and a half! Kinda scary..and sad at the same time ): sigh..dont think i wanna get into that right now… Later that day for dinner, I switched into my Pierre Hardy x Gap shoes for dinner with my auntie and uncle.

AA tshirt dress, Carhartt army jacket, UO briefcase, Gap shoes, random scarves


Last Saturday I went a little cookie crazy and baked like 50 peanut butter cookies, which are all gone now hahaha. I got the recipe from the link that Camille posted about a while ago. However, hers look much better than mine ): fail.


I haven’t been to Topshop since opening day. In my last Topshop post I said I wasn’t going to be going back there for a while since I spent 8 gruesome hours in there on opening day. It’s been almost 4 weeks and I think it’s about time I’m due for another Topshop visit. And besides, I’m insanely craving these beautiful and light Spring pieces:

DYING for the floral cropped tshirt, the ruffle denim skirt and that acid wash carryall – all perfect for Summer!!!


And lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for all the sweet and yummy comments you’ve all been leaving!!! So glad that all of you stop by to read my posts and hopefully you’ll continue to visit and I love to read what you guys think!!! <3

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