Zara floral dress, H&M blazer, Repetto stingray flats, Whole Foods shopping bag.

Sorry for the major lack of posts but I was really busy everyday when my bestfriend was here, but she left yesterday so now I’ve a little bit more free time to sleep in and actually get some work done.

Today is a georggggous day out and we had planned to stay in so that I could just relax and get some work done but, really, how could anyone waste this 23 degree (celsius) beautiful day. We ended up just leaving the house for lunch at Remedy Diner and grabbing some ingredients for some cookies I’m about to bake…yummm can’t wait :D

My scrumptious nachos from Remedy..that greedy little pb ate half of.

DUDE. check out this kid’s MULLET….sooo intense. tbh, I sort of wanted one when ScarJo had hers (omg what was I thinking?)


Yes, those ARE a pair of Timberland boots you see there.

I bet most readers didn’t know that I used to be a major sneakerhead. My sneaker collection has amounted to about 70 or so pairs split between New York and Hong Kong. Unfortunately for me and my bank account, my shoe obsessions have shifted from Nikes and Vans to Marnis and Chloes, which unforunately again, I have neither of. So I had to pack away a ton of my sneakers to give my bestfriend to bring back for me because it will literally be impossible for me to bring my whole apartment back with me when I move back to HK in June :(

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