Zara floral dress, H&M blazer, Repetto stingray flats, Whole Foods shopping bag.

Sorry for the major lack of posts but I was really busy everyday when my bestfriend was here, but she left yesterday so now I’ve a little bit more free time to sleep in and actually get some work done.

Today is a georggggous day out and we had planned to stay in so that I could just relax and get some work done but, really, how could anyone waste this 23 degree (celsius) beautiful day. We ended up just leaving the house for lunch at Remedy Diner and grabbing some ingredients for some cookies I’m about to bake…yummm can’t wait :D

My scrumptious nachos from Remedy..that greedy little pb ate half of.

DUDE. check out this kid’s MULLET….sooo intense. tbh, I sort of wanted one when ScarJo had hers (omg what was I thinking?)


Yes, those ARE a pair of Timberland boots you see there.

I bet most readers didn’t know that I used to be a major sneakerhead. My sneaker collection has amounted to about 70 or so pairs split between New York and Hong Kong. Unfortunately for me and my bank account, my shoe obsessions have shifted from Nikes and Vans to Marnis and Chloes, which unforunately again, I have neither of. So I had to pack away a ton of my sneakers to give my bestfriend to bring back for me because it will literally be impossible for me to bring my whole apartment back with me when I move back to HK in June :(

  1. i like your outfit complete with wf tote bag. wf ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NACHO cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow.
    that is a crap load of nikes.
    my cousins in malaysia must have been working overtime for you.

    HAHAH JOKES. im quite envious though.

  3. that dress is beautiful!
    wish i can rock maxi dresses like you! :D
    i’m too short for them :[
    haha that lady is like “is that person taking a picture of my (grand)son’s mullet?”

  4. I love the floral dress with the blazer ! Those nachos loooks extra delicious..

  5. Ooo my gosh is that seriously your room full of all those shoe boxes!! It could pass for a store room at the back of a nike shoe store or something. Seriously incredible XD ooo you’re graduating in june? I thought you were working already in NY! How do you feel about graduating?

    Somebody’s got cool hair!! The shade of brown does match the blue of your blazer ;)

  6. i gave your bag of shoes to your mum and she asked if there was more..and i was like “of ..course….?” she said she wanted to kill u hahahahahahahah and she doesnt know HOW shes gonna fit allllllllllllllllllllllllllll you guys clothes.shoes in da houseeee. i HATE ny for havin good nice weather AFTER i leave

  7. Hope to see you rocking your Nikes again…

  8. Damn girl, those are lots of shoes!!! And I like how that kid’s mom is eyeing you out in the pic. Haha. Oh, and SUPER JEALOUS that you are going to see Gael!! Aarrhhghhh. Hey, do you know of any good flea markets and vintage/thrift stores in NYC??? Going in May… !

  9. OH noooes you’d be moving back in June? Still, HK is hardly a boring place to be, I hear :P love your floral maxidress outfit with te blue. Still can’t believe you had 70 sneakers thouughghghghghh I didn’t even know you could get that many types!!

  10. (woups, wrong link)

  11. Yep, old rickety play set in the backyard xD And thanks! Your dress is gorgeous and those nachos look SOOO good. Droooool bahaha.

  12. This weekend was just amazing. I basically partied and ate, I feel like a fatty. I want those nachos…

  13. i am loving the hair! was it lighter before or did it come out like that? you look more like your sister now. don’t moooooooooooove yet!! oomg timing sucks! :( you have to give me a list of all the good places to eat in new york!

    OH YEAH! i was wondering if you saw any emma cook boots at topshop…a friend of mine said they were selling but she wasn’t too sure…just wanted to make sure.

  14. haaay girl! wait, are we neighbors? HAHa you look familiar! i love your blog too lady! thanks!

  15. Lovvvveeee that dress so much ! wowowow !
    YOU AND YOUR FOOD PICTURES !! you get me eeeeverytime ! Now i need to munch on something ! haha.
    I’ve always wanted to ask you…what camera are you using ? I love how all your pictures seem to have a blue tint ! Maybe i’m crazy ?
    Have a nice day,


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