A couple of weeks ago now, right after coming home from Christmas break, we headed up and out into the mountains, Moganshan more specifically, for Shanghai Supperclub’s first ever out-of-town event! Along with our good friends, we all met up at Egg for a quick breakfast then ventured out to naked Retreats, an eco-friendly resort and spa just outside of Shanghai for that quick weekend getaway. We all spent just one night there for the special Supperclub event where we had a special dinner, split up between the 3 restaurants at the resort: the farmhouse for veggies, nakedBite for pizza and barbecue skewers and finally kikaboni for the main course and dessert! Different parts of the resorts including all the villas and huts were spread out around the mountain so we had to take these gold cart buggies around everywhere from point to point. Jason and I stayed in a cute little Earth Hut with a really cool round shape and cutie little straw roof. The room was amazing, with a balcony overlooking a huge pool/pond. You can see more in the video with a little room tour!

Overall the night was so great and it was so fun catching up with friends after being away for so long during Christmas break. It’ll be so fun to come back next time when it isn’t freezing and raining! The naked group also just recently opened up a new getaway called naked Castles…yes CASTLES which is located not far from naked Retreats and is an ACTUAL castle! Apparently each brick of the castle was brought over one by one from Europe! I’ve checked out some of the rooms online and they legit have a CASTLE Suite if you’re into that Game of Thrones type living. We’re now busy thinking of an excuse to head up there and throw a major GoT viking style theme party! Okay I think that’s a good enough reason!

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Walking into our Earth Hut! The combination of rain, steep steps, carrying bags and trying to film at the same time..did NOT make for a safe trip down those steps!! But we were really feeling the #YURTVIBES with our straw roof and round little hut. SO CUTE!!!

Our room!! There’s a quick room tour in my video if you haven’t watched it yet.

A little farm area outside nakedBite (one of their restaurants).

Barbecue and Pizza at nakedBite  |  Wearing NikeLab x Sacai crewneck

Duck breast for dinner at kikaboni


Good morning

Wearing Visvim kimono jacket, Asos White open back sweater, Nike womens leggings and Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit  |  Who doesn’t love a good breakfast buffet :D

These guys

Up on the highest point of the mountain!

All the Tree Top Villas sitting in a row

Taking a picture of Jason taking a picture of Alex taking a picture of Cody and Olivia.



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