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Zara men’s navy sweater, Zara leather jacket, No brand lamb fur vest, Topshop Daisy Leigh jeans, Rag & Bone Mallory hiking boots and Amy Chan camo bag.

Last week me and Carmen had a quick bite at Miso Cool (mmmmm yummehhh) then headed over to the Fringe Club for the IZZUE x WYMAN party called I’VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR to celebrate the launch of Hong Kong’s most eclectic composer Wyman Wong’s collaboration with I.T.‘s IZZUE.COM. The collection is full of super trendy neons, denim and tulle. The event however was interesting..we missed the fashion show (food won over fashion as ALWAYS) so when me and Carmen walked in, we were met with half-naked models covered in words painted with neon paint inside a screened area like as if they were being quarantined. Then there was this separate room with disfigured/un-limbed neon mannequins wearing the new collection under blue light, which all looked really cool and super trippy.

Last week’s weather was super up and down and foggy like nuts so I never knew what to wear everyday…always either over- or under-dressing. This fur and leather get-up was definitely too much for that day and I was secretly sweating my brains out underneath. As you can see aburve, my hair has no transmorphed into a vibrant turqouise-y green colour. Good thing turquoise is another one of my favourite colours so it doesn’t bother me too much but I have re-ordered my dye so hopefully I’ll be back to blue by this weekend!

All outfit photos by Carmen Chan.

P.S. How awesome are my daisy print Topshop pants that nanz got for me? They’re like velvet flocked little daisies all over and it’s really comfy rubbing your hands over them wahahahhahah #weird

These were my favourite picks from the collection (taken from the IT Facebook Page. I’m not really sure about the prices or the limited availability or even when the collection comes out! Mainly cos the IT Facebook Page is in Chinese so I have no idea what they’re on about. If anyone can read it please let me know when the collection comes out! Anyway, as you probably could guess, those metal screw cuffs are my favourite pieces from the collection but I can imagine how sweaty it could get under there which is why I’ve never embraced the metal-cuff trend! Also, that denim padded-shoulder cape (on the model) is so so super cool and I’ve been thinking of getting a cape for so long! Yknow, to fulfill my long-time dreams of becoming Batman (not Batgirl..) and a denim cape? oh hello there Super hipster Batman!


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