Zara ankle pants, Random tanktop, H&M men’s denim shirt, D&G Miss Pocket bag, Balenciaga cork heel.

Topshop leopard print pony-hair belt (that tickles my belly when it rolls over my pants :D)

Wow I’m actually updating an outfit that I just wore a couple of hours ago. So this is what it feels like not to procrastinate…..

So it’s been a while since I’ve last updated! Went through a mini/major crisis two weeks ago but everything’s okay now, actually ten times better than it was before the I’m now a Happy Harriet :D Anyhow, I haven’t been really caring much about my outfits lately…to be honest, my usual uniform consists of vans/black flats, black or denim skinnies and a loose tshirt or blouse of some sort. Sounds ultra stylish dunnit? It’s gotten to that point in the year where I’m just so sick of the hot weather and am begging for it to get colder. So sick of wearing the same shirts all summer and sweating bombs when I walk to work…I need to get me some sort of in-shirt fan/air conditioner..perhaps built into my bra? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And now some pictures from tonight:

lol AWESOME shot of my friend Carmen hahaha so good.

Julie’s cute Balmain-inspired sandals!

COS chain bracelet, F21 rhinestone bracelet, Vintage Tag watch and YSL arty ring.

If you follow me on twitter, then you would’ve read that I went back to Singapore again a few weeks ago! This is my 2nd trip of the year already and I’m so ready to go back for more food. That’s pretty much all we did really, eat eat and eat. My uncle kept telling us that Singaporeans eat 5 meals a day..and no joke, we ate non-stop. I barely even shopped either which honestly was quite disappointing but all the food and spending time with my family definitely made up for it. I’m so dang excited that they’re coming to visit Hong Kong in November…more baby time!!!!!!!!

Here’s just a snippet of photos. Don’t ask me why I’m posting these first, but here are the ones from our 3rd day there. We spent the morning with my cousins baby TRENT and then headed out for some traditional Peranakan food and thenn spent the day at Ann Siang Hill!! Definitely one of my favourite places in Singapore. Too bad there’s no where in HK like ASH ):

Hawker Center food from the first night. Hokkien Mee and Chai Teow Kueh (MY FAAAAVOURITE)

Cutie Trent!!!!!!! (In an ACDC onesie…omg)

LOL sour face

Some road off Ann Siang Hill, I forget.

Urban Outfitters Aztec print canvas shoes.

The whole reason for going down to Ann Siang Hill in the first place <3

Slutting out Ladylike.
Wanted to stick my sticker somewhere in Singapore but was scared I’d get in trouble :X

We then headed out to Long Beach King seafood restaurant. YUMMMMMMMMMM.

Black Pepper crab, which in all honesty, I think was better than the chili crab although that bread with the chili crab sauce was goooooooooooood.

And lastly, how pimpin’ is my grandma!

On a side note:
Please take the time out to look at my mom’s new pearl collection website!!!!!! Her pearls are really special and definitely different from those regular circular ones that often look cheap or unoriginal. Her pearls are really very unique and many of them are in limited quantities, maybe just 2 or 3 in each design. Designing jewellery has always been one of her dreams and I’m so happy she has finally made her dream come true <3 Honestly, they make great presents for yourselves, for your mom or someone special SO if you're interested in anything, feel free to email me or email my mom at

Here’s a quick selection from some of her collections that I loved the most:

Aren’t they really special? Please go have a look for more!


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