RED Valentino rabbit fur jacket, Uniqlo heatech thermal, Uniqlo black jeans, Céline Snakeskin Trapeze, Nike Free Inneva Woven runners.

#FlashbackFridays to some time in December to the Brew&Post family reunion. Sadly we were missing one of our teenagers (DHO) but glad that we all found the time to see each other during the Christmas break. We tested out the new Ted’s Lookout around Star Street and til this day (about 2 months later), I still have dreams of their crispy potato wedges that were a hybrid of french fries, potato wedges mixed with tempura batter; basically amazing mmmmMmMMmmmmm

Pulled out my favourite fur for the cold weather and tied my hair up in a ponytail, which is a rarity. The big changes for 2013 have already begun, including this new layout change for my blog (did anyone notice?). What do you guys think of the new look? Lemme know any comments or suggestions as I’m open to anything really!

Sweet baby TOUGHLOVE

Brew&Post fam: JJ Acuna (TheWanderlister+), Melinda (Ztylistas), Dan (HungryHK), Christing (Fashion Hedonism), Me, Jason (TOUGHLOVE), Carmen and Kenneth (How I Met Your Style)

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