Silence & Noise toggle coat, Topshop Leigh jeans, Dolce & Gabbana Miss Pocket bag and Converse white leather hightops.

A little word vomit for you: This here wee little blog started as a small oh-look-I-stole-my-brother’s-DSLR-need-to-post-my-pretty-pics-somewhere sort of blog and has slowly started gaining a little momentum and I’d like to think that I’m at a semi-high point for my blog right now…so having said that, I’ve slowly yet what seemed so suddenly have fallen into quite a little rutt here with SWO. Now that the popularity of blogging has increased by 100000%, everyone and their mother (literally, my mother has a blog too but more on that next time) has a little blog and it’s exactly that: ONE LITTLE BLOG in a sea of blogs who have mini-blogs and micro-blogs and blogs on top of blogs on top of more blogs.

So what makes your blog stand out? Is it your style that draws people in? Is it your insightful ramblings or funny annecdotes that keep them locked in? I think some of the best blogs out there are a combination of all things. Anyway so along with my blog layout overhaul, I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks on what sort of changes I want to bring to my content. I want to introduce some new “features” and fun posts instead of my typical “I went to this event, I wore this, I ate this, I’m hanging out here…lalala” Which is all fine and dandy too but I feel like I need to inject something NEW INNOVATIVE EXCEPTIONAL WOWOWOWOWOW. As you’ve maybe already seen a few posts ago, I’ve introduced ddtv (:D) which I’m hoping to work on more. I’ve been brainstorming ddtv ideas with my right hand man and am quite excited for the small videos I’ll be cooking up. Nothing too major so don’t get too excited though and also, feel free to comment below with some ideas on videos or any suggestions on what you’d like to see.

The other day I had dinner with some of my longest-time friends and one of them mentioned they’re going through a quarter-life crisis (ha!). It actually got me thinking and I think I might be going through one too. This year I’m craving so much change and difference that I want to do everything differently. Well, the same thing but in a different way I guess. Blogging is a way of peeking into what could only be a small fraction of someone’s life and yet it has so much power to make you want to change or adapt or create something new for yourself. Everyday for everyone is a struggle, whether with your blog, yourself, your clothes, your body, your image or your work, your family and the list could go on. It’s easy to say you want to improve and get better or whatever and you could try and have all the determination in the world and yet you still might never achieve what you want. Such is life, no? All you can do is continue to work hard and hope that you’re getting closer to what you want to achieve. Oh hello, I guess I’m Captain Obvious today.

Anyway this here little ramble has gone on for too long now, and I’ve probably lost a couple of readers few sentences in but just wanted to let you know to look out for some changes and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! /end rambling

Thanks for reading :)

P.S. Unintentional Glee reference in my post title.

P.P.S. I really want the New iPad…….): anyone care to gift me an early bday present :D?

For the TL;DR people, some pics from back in Dec when I was in New York. I’m currently missing my bf and New York so deeply and intensely.

Murray’s Bagels, 500 6th Avenue between 12th/13th Street

We try to collect these everywhere we go


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