COS sweater and pants, Zara leather jacket, Céline Trapeze, Nike Free Inneva Woven runners, QUAY Eyewear Shiny White sunglasses from and Evil Eye necklace from HokkFabrica.

Back for another round of New York posts and man was this day a good one. We wanted to start our day super early mainly for the reason of maximizing all possible meal times. NOTHING says Amurika to me like diner food and I am seriously in love with it. We looked around the Ace Hotel area for any diner and stumbled upon this cute little Malibu diner spot that had pancakes, corned beef hash and juice. We were sold. After breakfast we headed downtown to do the usual Soho run again for the second time this time hitting up some friends along the way (Lo & Sons and EMEHT) and bringing them delicious Baked by Melissa treats.

After picking up a super awesome Barbour raincoat for Sumo, we headed over to the LES for our next meal stop around 3pm. HellooOoooo Clinton Street Bakery! Actually on this trip we were trying to only hit up restaurants we both had never been to (with the exception of Chipotle of course), but Jason has never had CSB so we HAD to go! We stuffed our face with delicious food which we HAD to walk off (in order to make space for our final dinner duh) with more shopping/browsing downtown and around St Marks before making our final stop at Robataya for dinner. Frankly, it’s all quite a blur in terms of what we did in between meals..but I refuse to rmb anything but the food thankyouverymuch.

Oh god so good

Insanity on my head but thankfully we are back to normal.

Spotted this gaggle of squishy face guys in soho! Look at them all squinty eyed and handsome!

Still one of the best shoes ever in the world

OMG how could we NOT right? Fish sandwich, huevos rancheros and sweet potato fries. WTF SO GOOD STOP IT.

Robataya NY. Although famous for it’s giant robata grill with bar seating around, we were so outrageously tired that we didn’t want to wait for a table around the grill and opted for a nice quiet corner in the back of the restaurant. We were also completely NOT hungry since we stuffed our face almost constantly the whole day, but we are NOT DINNER-SKIPPERS no we are not so we had to order at least a dish or two. We got the grilled asparagus, shimeji mushroom, simmered beef ribs with daikon radish in a light bonito infused soy sauce and a small bowl of soup udon to share. Sounds like a lot but really, the asparagus was a “double order” which was basically one full stick of asparagus chopped into 4 chewy slices and the mushroom was just a few pieces. The beef was good in a soupy broth but still a bit tough/chewy but was a good addition to our plain bowl of hot udon. Overall this place was mmd (ma ma day) only so-so and for the price, seemed very not worth it. We should’ve just hit up my favourite spot O-TAISHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

In other non-newyork/food related news, I get a ton of emails from highschool (and even once from a primary school student o_O) asking about blogging stuff or to help them with their coursework but when I got an email from the great team of students working on Nouveau Fashion Show, I was definitely down to help. Nouveau Fashion Show is a student run, non-profit charity fashion event that will feature student models, performers, designs as well as a selection of local and international brands. Nouveau 2013 supports the Children’s Cancer Foundation and all the funds raised will be used to help the foundation carry out its work in hospitals, the community and young cancer patients and their families in their daily needs.

I’m so down for students doing cool things because I was once in their position and was never able to work on something this cool! Make sure you get your tickets to the show here and attend on April 27th at ArtisTree (Island East) at 6.30pm onwards!

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