New H&M Spring 2009 campaign

Of course, these are taken, actually let’s say admired, from Nitro:Licious who always graciously updates us so soon on the awesome-ness of H&M. I must say that I get most of my H&M updates from her :) Anyway so here are a few shots from the Spring 2009 campaign featuring models Maryna Linchuk and Isabeli Fontana.

I absolutely love the colours in all the photos..and definitely love the outfit in last picture but overall this season H&M is really into big voluminous a-line skirts with loose flowy tops and super cinched waists. I love all the skirts and top combos they’ve been coming out with, definitely something to look forward to when the weather gets nicer. I’m not too sure I can pull the look off though, I mean my waist is pretty defined but I’m incredibly stumpy and most of the skirts will probably hit way below my knees ): I am shopping around for some new belts though!

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