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I used to do these kinds of “New In” posts all the time but after a while I just forgot about the existence of them! I also feel like “New In” blog posts are just an outlet for people to boast about what they have..although I guess that’s just the same as outfit posts…anyway… so here are some of my latest favourite things! Kenzo teamed up with the artists from Toilet Paper magazine to create their Fall advertising campaign featuring Sean O’Pry and Rinko Kikuchi. They teamed up once again with the quirky duo at Toiler Paper for a limited collection of tshirts, crewnecks and iphone cases. I love love love my new Kenzo x Toiletpaper eyes-spangled banner crewneck because as you know, I am obsessed with everything American flag and evil eye. The little sticky-outty threads that make up the eyes are so so genius and although turqouise blue is a new color for me to work with, I’m sure it’ll look fine against my typical all black wardrobe.

Another recent find are these Tom Ford Nastasya Sunglasses, first spotted on this gorgeous lady (and henceforth making me want them so bad), that have been so high up on my wishlist and after checking a million different sunglasses shops, I thought were a lost cause. Lo and behold, on my way back to Shanghai, a 3 hour delay at the magical Hong Kong International Airport had me window-shopping at almost every store in the shopping-central-of-a-departures-hall then magically stumbling upon my dream Tom Fords. They’re definitely way pricier than any sunglasses I’ve ever bought and I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t paid full price for a single designer brand item in a while but I just couldn’t let these ones go. Right here is a future casual luxe outfit: Kenzo crewneck, super warm new fur stole from Zara, shredded black skinnies, Tom Fords up top and Happy Socks to keep my happy feet warm!


Hellooooo reflective-lens-selfie! Completely hiding my ridiculous make-up-less face under these “gup-jai” (Cantonese for checking out boys ^^) sunglasses. Also, yay for newly bleached out roots and a shorter hair cut!

And lastly..Sumo is over it.

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