Zara tee and pants, Miu Miu bag, all necklaces DIY, H&M and Chapel rings

uhh i look so weird..but my mom likes this pic -.-

Weeeee these pictures are from earlier this week when I met with Carmen for a quick coffee. Carmen, along with my other buddy Kenneth, are the dynamic duo who run How I Met Your Style: the amazing site that allows us mere mortals a view of some of the really well-known fashion bloggers in their home environment. Carmen and I hung out for an after work coffee and took some of these quick shots just before heading home. Hopefully, we’ll be doing some fun stuff together soon! Oh and thanks Carmen for the awesome pics! Am trying to save up now for my 50 :)

Moving on……below are some of the goodies we got from Boutique Boulevard!

Super cute giant YSL lollipops made by PAPABUBBLE! Don’t think we’ll ever actually eat these cos it’ll probably just be a big giant toothache :|

This is the YSL tote my mom managed to get for us! I didn’t realise it was just the manifesto tote, which I already have. Nonetheless the little tube thing is pretty cool!

Goodies from Chanel! A quick brochure and an awesome notebook with a pencil!

Inside the white Chanel card was some info as to how Chanel bags are made. This was an interesting quick read so click the image to view a larger version :)

A closer look at the Chanel pencil and notebook cover

First page of the Chanel notebook, love these illustrations.

Flipping through!

Polaroid from…duh Ralph Lauren, with Julie!

Now for some fun random photos….all with NANZ at home! Some people said they missed nannies’ LITTLE FACE!

Firstly……… toy! my bathroom.

hey nice TONGUE!

he looks SO worried for his life


Nanz ~werkin~ the cougar look

BAM! Hot stuff right down to the tip of your toes!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND that’s all for today people! See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


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