new toys

It was getting not so cold lately so I’ve been wearing a lighter jacket (thank god) and felt like doing project time with the fur collar I got a few weeks ago.

I’m pretty much almost decked out in H&M except my grey sweater and black tights are uniqlo and I’m using a mxmj tote.

For lunch we went back to Sugar, and again I had the Black Angus burger which, that day, was really disappointing and wasn’t as good as the second heaven between buns we had a few days before.

After lunch I had to go all the way to school for stupid art history. The leaves on campus were super super pretty and was basically everywhere. (Sorry for the blurry pic, I was walking while taking the pic)

Thennnnnnnnnnnnn to finish the day off, my looovely boyfriend got me the Blackberry Bold. Now you have noooo idea how long I’ve been waiting for this and finally it paid off. I lurrrrrrf it lots and luuuuuurf momo for getting it for me =D

I am now one happy cupcake =D

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