Happy new year guys!

Another year with SUPERWOWOMG! Totally insane to think that my blog is going into its 7th year! I was going to do this big year round-up but we decided super last minute to book a trip on December 30th out to Hong Kong to surprise my mom for New Years! We ended up spending a couple of days in Hong Kong (away from the insane cold in Shanghai), spending the days with my family and the (late late late) nights with our friends. This last minute trip was a real treat and it really couldn’t have been better (unless Sumo was there with us, instead he was freezing but having fun at the doggy hotel in Shanghai). I made a little #ddtv episode about the trip!!! It’s above so you can watch it whenever and always :)

Sooo for 2015, I’ve started a youtube channel (SUBSCRIBE NOWWWW!!!) As you know, I’ve really been trying to dabble more with videos for #ddtv and for 2015, my biggest project will be working on more videos for the blog and just more for my own personal satisfaction. I’ve even started doing a little video stuff for work (yes I really work) so hopefully they’ll only get better from here! Previously all my videos were hosted on my vimeo account but I’ve decided to move everything over to youtube because there’s more sense of a community there and that makes it easier to explore other channels and videos. YAY for google integration too!

I’m going to be doing another video soon, kind of like a video introduction plus day-in-the-life WITH VOICE TOO!!!!! In all my #ddtv videos, I’ve yet to really speak or do any voiceovers so that will be a really scary milestone to climb. Any video suggestions, questions or anything? So excited about this so let me know what you think and if you guys have any video requests!! You can leave comments here on my blog or on my videos toooo!


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