NikeLab x Sacai Pleated back Destroyer Jacket, Isabel Marant Tyrone Sweatpant,
Nikelab x Acronym Lunar Force One (similar) and Sophie Hulme Albion box bag
Jason: Army store bomber jacket (similar), Undercover hoodie (similar), Zanerobe trousers and Converse CTAS Pro Hightops

Ohhhhh yeah I’m so in love with the latest (and last *SAD TEARS*) NikeLab x Sacai collection!! How insanely sick is this updated Nike Destroyer jacket with its pleated back and A-Line shape? I’d been wanting a Nike destroyer for so long and was dying to make a custom one at NikeiD on 21 Mercer in NY but never had the chance to. BUT NO WORRIES cos this Sacai version is just a dream. The roomy a-line cut and the signature Sacai flare is so cool and what makes it even more special is that it was my Christmas gift from Jason. I think some of the NikeLab x Sacai collection is still available (at least it is in China still) so if you get the chance, you should definitely pick up one of the one of a kind pieces! It’s also the last collection that Chitose Abe (Sacai designer) will be doing with Nike so it’ll be so worth it to have something from the limited edition release!

The restaurant scene in Shanghai is seriously on the rise right now with new spots popping up left and right. When anyone ever asks me about the food scene here, I’m always so passionate about it since so many of my good friends here work in the industry but also because there’s just so many more options than Hong Kong. And I mean options in terms of variation of food at a really high standard and at extremely affordable prices. Yes of course you can get dericious affordable food in Hong Kong but often times to eat a “nice” place in Hong Kong, it means paying a HEFTY bag size bill. Okay but back to SH, we just had a seriously homey delicious breakfast at this new Taiwanese spot called Taoyuan Village inside the new 150 Hubin Dao mall. We moseyed around the mall all weekend happily discovering that another local “expat-y” favourite Hunter Gatherer had opened up a mega shop there and the new comer Baoism was only down in the basement amongst tons of other yummy places. Let me just say one thing about Baoism: KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN BAO. Seriously go there this weekend if you can!

I have such a good list of fancy, cheap, yummy, expat-y, local or international restaurants in SH so let me know if you ever need a list! Will be happy to email it over :)

SO YUMMY! Traditional Taiwanese breakfast at Taoyuan Village. Left to right: youtiao and egg shaobing 烧饼油条蛋烧饼, corn and egg shaobing 玉米蛋烧饼, sausage with green onion and egg rice roll 香肠葱蛋饭团 and salty soy bean milk 咸豆浆.

The “Salty Soy-bean Milk” – a savoury version of traditional soy bean milk with youtiao 油条, chilli oil and some preserved veggies. Sounds weird but SUPER YUM.

Chinese sausage with green onion and egg rice roll 香肠葱蛋饭团

(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶ #WINNING

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