Sometimes, I really do love Shanghai. Among some things, I really love our big home here, I love the freedom of not having “social obligations”, I love the affordability of everything and I love living in the most convenient area of the whole city. However, the disgusting pollution, (*EDIT* Let me clarify:) the fact that I can walk down the street and there’s a huge likelihood that I’ll either get shoulder tackled, umbrella in the eye or handbag to the shins and how SOME people just have no sense of personal space (i don’t want to touch you so why do you want to touch me?!?!), kind of makes it impossible to stay here long term after living in easy breezy Hong Kong my whole life. Not long after moving here, my friend Holly (also living in Shanghai and also from Hong Kong) talked about traveling often out of China as “sanity checks”. If the opportunity comes up, you really need to take some short trips like for a weekend or a couple of days out of China just to keep your reality in check and to remind yourself that there is more to life than China street food (like scallion pancakes and the cheapest xiao long baos in the world) and living in your home clothes at home all day.

Lucky for me, I do get to travel often (thankful every step of the way!!!!). A couple of weekends ago we headed down to Singapore actually for a short Converse work trip to attend the CONS PROJECT SINGAPORE event. I love going out to Singapore. I mean all the delicious (super affordable) food and getting to see my family and grandma is the best. I mean almost good enough that makes the unbearable heat slightly more bearable. And um..Krispy Kreme donuts?? Ughhhhh heaven!!!! ლ(◎∇◎ლ) – donut eyes!!!

Ice cream man!

These are what DREAMS are made of~~~


Jason getting his GRAFFFF~~~~ on!

Screenprinting with ClogTwo, InkTen and Zero from RSCLS.

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