Oh guys...this post has been pending for more than 2 weeks but due to major technical issues, sadly got really REALLY postponed and I'm so upset cos this was meant to be a Christmas post!! I even wrote this whole long spiel about my December so far ): My wordpress back-end went all haywire when I updated to the latest version..did anyone else's also screw up? Guhhhhhhh

Anyway we're just back from our holiday trip back home in Hong Kong and ready to tackle 2017 in the groin. I'm hoping this year is going to be a seriously eventful one..and it all starts with moving in hopefully about a month or two. Fingers crossed everything gets sorted as quickly as possible..which is a real game of chance out here in China. If it all works out, I'm going to be sharing more info very very soon! Apart from moving..we have a few trips coming up again and it already feels like one of those moments where all of a sudden you're going to stop and realise that half the year has already passed...ahhhh crazy! Does anyone else have any major plans for the year?

So I had this idea to do an A to Z gift guide a few weeks ago but am only managing to get it posted today...eeep! We're already a couple days into January and well passed Christmas shopping season BUT yknow what..there's never a better time to buy someone or more importantly, yourself!!, a present than right now. These are gifts for any time of the year so if you're ready to spend that money you probably received for Christmas from your grandparents, then shop away! Plus if you're anything like me, you probably get yourself a little summin summin as well during the holidays so while you're browsing for goodies for your friends and family, make sure you check out all my personal picks down below!

☆☆ P.S. Click the product image/area to shop! ☆☆


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