As mentioned a thousand times, I’m obsessed with pink eyeliner, specifically on your lower eye line. In these pics the liner is a bit more harsh and straight edged, but when smudged out and not so strong, I’m really feeling the faded teenager look (a la Kozue). Sometime I just straight use my Nars Gilda or Gina blush with a small slightly wet eye shadow brush to either coat my lower eye line or as a base underneath my daily black cateye on my upper lid. Anyway, the focus here is actually the amazing Elven Ear Cuff that my haute bitch Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit sent over a couple of weeks ago. I love the whole ear cuff trend but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off seeing that I wear glasses. What do you guys think? I’m kinda lovin’ it! Must also be because of my blonde hair and these high contrast flash photos.

Speaking of The Haute Pursuit, you have to have to check out Vanessa’s latest lookbook for her August pieces, the photos are SO FKING GOOD. Some of my favourite pieces from THP shop (currently available!!) is this super versatile chiffon l/s crewneck, the hot hot hot leather track pants, the super sexy Mila crop top (that I wish could pull off) and the affordable luxe Croc embossed leather shorts.

OMFG Sumo is too cute..

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