All clothes and sequined iPad bag as clutch from Juicy Couture. Steve Madden Gretta Platforms.
A couple of Fridays ago I was invited to the launch of the new Fall/Winter Collection for Juicy Couture. I’m one of those that still have this mindset that Juicy Couture was just about the sweat suits (omg sweat suit sounds like some sort of PVC suit that you wear to sweat your fat off and make you skinny…gross) okay anyway back on I was invited down to the store a few days ahead to pick out an outfit to wear for the event and I was super surprised when I found quite a few pieces from their new collection that I would totally work into my wardrobe. The clothes were surprisingly really cute and trendy and it took me really long to finally decide on this outfit..mostly because I was distracted by the 10+ Mainland China women trying on 100s of different combinations of the infamous velour sweat suit. I had my eye set on this gorgeous shocking orange lace dress (seen below) but the sales lady said someone else had already reserved it to wear at the party..such a lie! I saw no such lady on the night! Lying gypsies!

So Friday rolled around..and I rushed out of work and got ready in the IFC bathroom before meeting up with Carmen, Julie, ChristingC and Dan! We hung out at the store, drank champagne from cans, considered a pink velour doggy suit for obi ( and just had fun!

Thanks Juicy Couture and IPS for the fun night!

A close up of the iPad case that I used as a clutch. Reallllyy cute and sparkly and since it’s padded inside, when you’re REALLY tired, like I always am, you can stuff a sweater in there and use it as a (really prickly) pillow!

Chain bracelet on my right from Juicy Couture oh and HOW cute is the love bird print on this top?

This is the orange dress! The only time I ever considered wearing something so bright and colourful and I couldn’t even wear it

A section in the store for Bird by Juicy Couture, their cooler edgy line.

Some questionable drinks at the party..

But champagne in a can made up for it!

Oh and cake pops!

MGF: My goat friend

They had this cool shocking orange trolley filled with accessories to style a model and have your picture taken with her for a Facebook competition! Not really sure how that turned out though…

There was also a little nail bar by Suki nail

The sweets that night were sponsored by Petite Amanda, one of HK’s premiere top model Amanda S’s new bakery!

And lastly my mama came last minute after the China TEE Club farewell party (DAMN YOU ABERCROMBIE).

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There are a couple of more photos I wanted to share from the Tea Party but instead here’s a great video of the day shot and directed by the young and talented Nathan Wong and his crew from ThinFilmHK.

ASOS X HONG KONG Bloggers – Tea Party from Nathan Wong on Vimeo.

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