Forever21 floral pants, Monki drapey detective coat, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 boots.

Attempting to switch up my poses a little haha

THUNDER THIGHS THIGHS thighs highs ighs ghs hs s….

grrrrrrrrrr did a whole type up of this post and then all of a sudden my hand slipped and i deleted everything and for some reason command-z isn’t working………lame anyways did an order from F21 few weeks ago when they had that “all online proceeds go to Japan” thingy. Seriously hate online shopping from stores that don’t offer low or free shipping to the rest of the world. My shipping cost was the same as the price of TWO of my F21 items combined but oh well it’s for “charity”. Does anyone else ever feel like the money you donate doesn’t go to where it should go? Normally I hate donating to big “charities” and would rather donate locally but in this case, I guess I can just convince myself that every little bit helps.

The other day we went to Clear Water Bay Country Club for lunch with the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest baby! She was a little moody and cranky cos she was really tired but her fat cheeks, fat arms, chubby thighs and chubby toes totally made up for the deafening screams she was wailing (she sounds JUST like a predator/tyrannosaurus-rex when she cries like graaa-a-a-a-a-a–a-aa-a-a if you get what I mean..).

Got this Roberto Cavalli snake ring a couple of weeks ago that I’ve only just started to wear more often…

I posted this on tumblr a few weeks ago…anyway lately I’ve been pinning my hair to the side quite a lot cos of my “long” side bangs. So the other day I tested out the big fat gold barette look a la Rodarte and I think it looks really cute but maybe a bit too 12-year-old cute…… (P.S. How weird does Lindsey Wixon’s mouth/chin look in that link!?)

Anyhow that’s the latest update from me! I got invited to the Opening Ceremony X Lane Crawford event next Thursday and Humberto Leon, Carol Lim AAAAAAAAAAAND Chloe Sevigny is gonna be there so I am eeeeeeeeeeeeextra sssssssuuuupppppppppper excited! But guhhhhh dunno what to weaaaaaaaaaaaar. There’s also this Pacific Place Fashion show thingy on the same day so I’m debating if I could make a quick stop at that one too since some of the designers collections at the fashion show are some of my faves like Chloé and agnès b. Hmm okay big update next week then! Bye!



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