H&M Skirt and Blazer, Bodysuit, Jeffery Campbell Whip It ankle boots and Vintage Chanel purse

LOL I put this pic up cos doesn’t it look like I only have a mono-leg??????

Hiya! I’m back! Feels like ages since I’ve blogged!!! Honestly though, the outfits lately have been so mehhhh and ughhh. The weather in HK has been major shitballs. First half of the week was CONSTANT rain, and when it rains in Hong Kong, it RAINSSSSSSSSSS. Then all of a sudden the next day, the rain suddenly disappears and out comes the sun and all its 10000000000000000 degrees. It’s so flaming hot that you can actually SMELL it. You know that burnt sorta smell you get when you iron clothes? Well, it’s THAT hot smell but IN THE AIRRRRRRRRRR EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining…I mean, I grew up here so I should be used to the heat by now…but whatevz, iz real hot.

Anyway, the above outfit was taken for a small diddly little local magazine thingie which I’ll just talk about when and if it actually comes out (hopefully soon!). But I did wanna show you guys my awesome new blazer in all its soft, drapey, black and white, Givenchy-inspired and geometric glory! I dieddd when I saw it and it was an INSTANT PURCHASE. I went back to H&M within the same week that I got it and already noticed it was sold out. GOOD THING I bought it right away, ZERO HESITATION ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!

oh and p.s. I think my mom’s Vintage Chanel purse could totally pass as a pad-bag, if yknow what i mean.

Oh and a few weeks ago, my mom told me SUPER LAST MINUTE about this Chanel x Joyce event that we were gonna go to. Like super last minute, as in ON the day, as in I ALREADY LEFT MY HOUSE, as in WASNT DRESSED APPROPRIATELY. Yeah so I ended up just wearing whatevz..good thing I had my trusty Pierre Hardy for Gap wooden sandals at the office that day!

Anyway the event was the launch of Chanel’s Paris-Shanghai pre-fall collection which is being sold exclusively at JOYCE or at Chanel stores in Hong Kong.

DYING over the details taken from, what I think is, those little metal bits on Chinese furniture.

Want these tights/slutty things. Nanz wants the gloves. LULZ.

Awesome display of the McQueen scarves at JOYCE.

Mom posing with my champagne lol

“Myyyyyyyyyyyy name’s Sue and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII am awesome.”

Some random shots from the past few weeks.

CLN with her, and ONLY HER, lor mai gai (sticky rice).

CLN with MY dan tats!

soooooooooo I’m hating my hair now. Any suggestions on what I can do? I’m thinking of curling it…but not sure what kinda damage that would do on my fried/dead/monkey/coconut-husk of hair.

Oh my new goodies from Accessorize! I won this little competition thingie and they gave us a $1000 coupon to spend at the store! I managed to get a bunch of stuff for myself and a few things for nanz and my mom <3 I've been told that I don't wear enough colour, so instead of diving right into rainbow clothes, I thought I’d start off slow by introducing some brighter colours to my accessories first.

This is pretty much my uniform now. Black tee, black shorts, black bag, white plimsols and a huge chunk of necklaces. See my new colourful Accessorize feather necklace thingie there! I love it now and it goes so well with all the other silver/gold/black crap I wear around my neck.

The other day I met up with Wendy/Nitrolicious who’s visiting Hong Kong right now. I didn’t actually get a pic with her on my camera so maybe I’ll steal a pic if she posts it on her blog :D

Anyway, she helped me pick up these Cynthia VIncent for Target wedge sandals for Amurika! Believe it or not, these are my first pair of NON-BLACK heels. I think. I just thought they’d be a good little basic summer sandal to have and they’re comfy too!

I ended up taking Wendy to the outlets out in Ap Lei Chau where I also picked up a birthday present for myself :D

Yahh!!!!! The Balenciaga Cork sandals!!! You’ll notice they’re a bit different than the ones that everyone and their mother got from DSW since mine has no platform underneath but I’m actually glad. They’re lower than the other one, meaning they’re much more manageable for clunky chunky me. Was also so happy that I finally got these and for a good deal too!

and finally, Flickr Panda says BYE NOW!


oh. p.s. My blog is translatable now! I’ve added a little widget on the sidebar there where you can translate my blog into a bunch of different languages :D Okay bye now!

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