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First post about our wedding!! It all went down exactly 2 months and 5 days ago (Happy 2 Months Babezzz~~~) after only seriously getting down to planning for a prior 6 months or so. The story is that we got engaged in March in New York and just soon after slowly started putting everything together (site visits, designing our logo, our branding, working with catering etc). We only really finalised everything the week of the actual wedding and even had things going to print two days before (gahhhh). BUT by November 22nd, we were just ready to start the party, eat delicious food and party all night with our families and best friends. Let #THELAMDYNASTY begin!!!

It all started a couple days before the big day, running around Hong Kong picking up last minute things and getting my nails did. Our wedding was held at an open space showroom out in Wong Chuk Hang so of course it made PERFECT sense to stay at the newest Ovolo Hotel Southside! It would literally take us like 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to the venue so it was absolutely perfect. It also helped that the hotel itself was new and actually really super cool. It’s kind of a boutique hotel so the rooms weren’t ginormous but they were just right for us. Modern, clean and the staff were the most friendly (and really cool) we’ve ever met at a hotel. The rooftop bar ABOVE was a great chill area for some relaxing drinks (order the Dirty Uncle or the Next Door B*tch) the night before the wedding with just some out of town friends.

The morning of, after some super last minute stressful setting up at the venue, the actual fun started around 4pm when Jason, my sister and her fiancé and my friends Julie and Nikhol were there to get ready with me. Jason and I basically didn’t really go down any traditional route here. We got ready in the same room, I was already wearing my wedding ring and it was chill all around with a thousand McDonald’s french fries temptingly lying around. We were so messy and all over the place in our Long Loft but Ovolo made it so much easier for us, answering to my phone calls every 5-10 minutes asking for more chairs, more plugs, more hangers and one of their hotel managers even brought us his own steamer from his apartment down the road. Talk about being SUPER nice and efficient! I’d say overall I was pretty chill all those days and hours leading up to the big event (although Jason might only half-agree) and coming back home after our after after party (at almost 7am the next morning) to a huge comfy bed with my husband was the best part of it all.

More on the actual wedding next time! All below images taken by Amanda Kho.

Finishing up my hair! I’m wearing my treasured Balenciaga wire crown!!!!!

After setting up all morning at the venue, we were starving by 3pm and hadn’t eaten anything all day. Really important wedding day meal ensued: McDonalds! Unfortunately, I was so busy getting ready I didn’t even get to have any ):

Nanz looking so pretty!

Nanz’s fiancé and my future brother-in-law Eugene! (Need a dentist in HK? Lemme know!)

My make-up by my friend Nikhol!

Custom (1 of 1) tie clip by Moratorium! A wedding present from me to Jason!

The best view! Hong Kong: the only place that is truly a city within a jungle.

Jason’s amazing wedding boots by Mr. Hare.

Julie, my bestfriend and super helper for the day!

Gold from my mom and new mother-in-law! Of course I don’t get any traditional Chinese crazy 3D dragon shaped gold bangle..instead I get a super triad style gold chain.

Looking down

Finally, walking over with my girls to the venue (so convenient!!) with my rolly suitcase full of outfit changes and secrets!

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