Zara pants, Random batwing-y top, Chloe Edith bag, Balencaiga Cork Sandals.

All necklaces DIY except for the colourful Accessorize one. Pouch necklace DIY.

The other day I was talking to my mom about my glasses. I remember about 2 years ago when my eye doctor said I would never be able to wear contacts again I teared up and was so about to cry my eyes out. At that time I was determined to start collecting sunglasses (once I heard Nicole Richie did too), so knowing that I had to wear glasses for the rest of my life made me so sad ):

Flash forward to 2 years later (uh, now I mean) and I’ve gotten so used to wearing glasses that I think I look funny without them! Especially since I’ve started wearing my current frames (bigger thicker D&G frames) I feel like they are now part of my look. My point is, my mom said that my “nerd” glasses are now my signature look. I do still wear contacts every now and then, especially when I want to wear sunglasses (that I’ve continued to collect despite rarely wearing them). I did however get my favourite Rayban avaitors changed to prescription lens and am hoping to maybe get Lasik one day so I can finally start digging into my collection :D

Do any of you guys have something that’s your signature look?

Anyway, like I told you, my uniform consists of black top, black pants, neutral shoes and neutral bag with tons of jewellery. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to meet up with Wendy one last time before she left. Was also the first time wearing my new Balenciaga cork sandals. They were pretty comfy for the first few hours then started to hurt so I switched into flats but I ended up going out to party that night and I managed to wear them all night with no problem :D

Me and Wendy in Central (outside our favourite store, H&M!)

After meeting Wendy, I met Nanz at Starbys before our leather workshop (which I’ll talk about in another post) and she gifted me my belated birthday present!! This is actually a joint gift from her and my bestfriend Julie, so thaaaaaanks goizzzzzzz <3

Philippe Audibert feather/claw ring!

(Worn with vintage DKNY knut/bolt ring, random chain ring and studded ring)

Lastly, here’s the little magazine feature that I briefly wrote about in my last post. Me Lee did a great feature in Hong Kong’s Jessica Magazine (kind of like our version of Elle) about HK Fashion Bloggers. It was so great to read about some HK fashion blogs that I had no idea about and I was also happy that my buddies Cindiddy (who referred me, thx Cindy!!!) and HKFashionGeek were featured too!

Don’t ask about the translations cos I wouldn’t be able to tell you, (lol at my shitty Cantonese). I sent her the answers in English though and she had them translated, so maybe in my next post I’ll post my replies :D

and YES, i did notice the wrong spelling in my blog name and URL. God i was so sad when I found out but hopefully that won’t stop people from finding my blog and like PB said, there will always be opportunities in the future for people to discover my blog so I’m fine with it :D


  1. I love your signature look! your accessorizing is always perfect. anyway, I’ve actually been thinking about getting some “nerd” glasses with prescription too, since they look cuter than those that look all serious and stuff (you know what i mean). any recommendation for nerd glasses models for asians? :P

  2. ommgggg i can’t believe they spelt your blog url wrongly!!! yours is like the EASIEST to spell seriously…!!! ahhh it reminds me of bad english in China XP haha kinda funny mispelling there but yeah don’t worry!! they’ll probably get redirected to the right page :) congrats on the feature!!! i was gonna say WOAHH GREAT MANDARIN THERE!! until I saw the last paragraph XD

    happy happy belated birthday! :)))

  3. WOW, that is an amazing ring!! and I really like your little triangle necklace… you have the best accessories, including glasses that look awesome on you!!!!
    also, CHLOE EDITH, the love of my life ca. grade 10, ahaha. I was obsessed…

    and why yes, i DID order the YSL ring but it doesn’t get charged until it’s shipped and the latest date for shipping is sometime in October so I doubt they’re gonna ship it any time soon meaning more money to spend right now aka the pamela love ring! haha, don’t you love the logic of a shopaholic?

  4. i love your uniform especially with the Balencaigas. and the ring is so cool.

    i actually want the ray ban subscrpitions myself and im thinking about getting them in the fall when it time for new specs

    Vi from Cali

  5. that ring! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

    i agree that it is your signature look and a great look indeed!

  6. Oooh great present, that ring is beautiful! Looks so good with your jewellery.

    Jessica magazine is pretty epic, congrats!, I can’t really read Chinese either so I spend most of my time flicking through the mag looking at the pictures whenever I’m in HK. That’s so annoying that they spelt your URL wrong, but it looks as though google would automatically suggest yours anyway :)

  7. Wow congrats on the magazine feature! You deserve it! :)
    Why can’t you wear contacts anymore? I hate glasses on myself personally and I’d have a panic attack if the doctor told me I’d have to wear glasses permanently.. but I think you rock the look and it gives you character!

    Answering your previous comment, I’m in HK as a fashion analyst after I graduated from Parsons.. You’re class of ’09 too? I was supposed to go to Pratt for interior design and ended up at Parsons studying fashion and sustainable design. what did your sister study?
    Anyway keep up with the great work! I always check back for new outfit posts! :)

  8. o neeeooooo how come you couldn’t wear contacts anymore?! : [
    and did you want an article on the headscarves?

  9. I always love to see your new jewellery, I swear you have one of the most interesting collections. Especially love the simplicity of this outfit, gotta love all black. Another awesome blogpost!


  11. i’m in love with that ring. sooo good. i’m also fucking jealous that i didn’t swipe the balenciaga/birkenstock lovechild whilst it was at NYC’s dsw :( they look so good!

  12. The feather ring looks very interesting!! Makes me wanna stroke it…
    Great feature in Jessica~ its great that you’re getting more recognition but what a bummer about the spelling… your website is probably one of the easiest to remember cos I say those words quite often. I’m actually really looking forward to your post on leather workshop!!! I saw a post over at http://scription.typepad.com/blog/2010/07/fungus-workshop.html and I’d love to make stuff like that myself.
    DIY post on leather pouch necklace coming up too?? :):)

  13. yaaaay on the feature denise! ps- i fucking love your new ring!

  14. oooh, check you out. well done! Love that ring – i’m itching to run my fingers through it. is that weird?


  15. geh i love your bling. so so much! that claw ring is radddd. i have the OC x where the wild things are one and that often scares people because it really IS a claw. hehe.

    happy belated birthday darling!!

  16. love your outfit, espesh the shoes! and congrats on the feature, you deserve it!

    xx raez

  17. I need to raid your jewelery.
    I guess my “signature” thing is my charm bracelet, I wear it every day.
    I love cindiddy too, and good job on the feature!

  18. Love that pouch necklace, i have one too- they make you feel chic!!

    And i know what you mean about glasses, i have horrid eye sight and have had lots of problems- luckily i havnt had to switch to glasses full time. But i think you always look amazing in glasses, and it totally suits you!

  19. ps. congrats on the feature, thats a big one!! And all the outfits look great!

  20. denise why are you so superwowomg! ugh you look great. that ring is to die for
    you are such a lucky gal– especially with the 1000 accesorize thing!!!

  21. i actually like your quirky and smart look with your nerd glasses. my eyes were already corrected years back so i don’t have a reason to wear glasses..but i really want to wear nerd glasses sometimes too.

    really glad that i found your blog! when i was in hongkong last yr, i was just in awe of all the stylish people there! as in, my sister and i were literally staring already…haha!

    too bad about your blog being spelled wrong…my name was spelled wrong when i got featured in vogue but it was easier to correct because it was an online feature.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  22. Love your ring! Congrats on your feature :)

  23. Congrats on the feature. I love your necklaces and of course that ring <3

  24. Love the glasses and rings!
    Congrats on the feature as well =)

  25. shoe twins <3
    love ur new ring!

  26. 1. i dont know why you weren’t in my google reader
    2. if it were, i would have left you more comments
    3. this is a long post so i hope my memory will allow me to comment on everythihng
    4. yay you met up with wendy!
    5. i love your corks
    6. feather ring – to die for
    7. can you send me a copy of that mag?! so proud of you!
    8. ONG

  27. hey! happen to come across your blog. Hong kong is a nice place to be in! maybe going there soon. any places to recommend me?


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