Outfit 1: Monki swimsuit, Sass & Bide Rosario sunglasses (more here) from Electric Sekki, LeSpecs x Henry Holland muffin sunglasses and Old Navy yammie bottoms.
Outfit 2: Forever 21 mint green sweater (similar here), H&M maxi dress, Superga 2750 Cotu sneakers, Alexander Wang Rockie bag.

Another overloaded photo post from Koh Samui! Warning you guys now, I still have about 3 more Thailand related posts! The light there was just too good and we made really good use of my new wide angle lens!

So on our first day after arriving at the hotel, we just chilled and relaxed on our giant balcony that was the perfect balance of indoors vs. outdoor: blazing sun on the balcony plus air-con blowing out from the room. I wouldn’t mind the outdoors/sun as much if there was a constant blast of air-con following me around! We relaxed on our balcony, ate delicious room service, fulfilled our Thai iced tea cravings and made a True Blood-viewing fort. The main point of this trip was to attend Jason‘s friends’ Stephanie and Marc’s wedding so that night we walked along the beachfront to SMILE restaurant for their reception dinner. We ended the night with launching some sky lanterns (many of them failing and flying into the restaurants/trees haahaha) and a few drinks at COCONUT Bar hahaha.

P.S. Did you guys notice my new header up there? I finally got my act together and made this slideshow banner to feature more of my latest posts and other miscellaneous things I wanted to highlight (like ddtv and my facebook page!) As always, I’m constantly looking to upgrade my blog so if you have any suggestions on what else you’d like to see on here feel free to let me know!

Monki swimsuit and Old Navy yammies! Best tanning combo ever!

True Blood fort

Our favourite THAI ICED TEA!!!

Tech center

Windy at the pool bar

At SMILE restaurant for reception dinner!


Bye lanterns!


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