08th August, 2014

Old midi skirt, COS tshirt, Sunnies Brady sunglasses, Ponyhair slipons (similar here) and Rib & Hull leather tote.

Lucky for me..I met the beautiful Georgina Wilson, the half-Filipina half-British top model and all around bad-ass chick from Philippines, during the Converse influencers trip to Seoul. Adding more fuel to her awesomeness is the fact that she runs Sunnies Studios, a super trendy and cool and SUPER affordable sunglasses line sold everywhere in the Philippines and online here. They seriously have the trendiest and coolest styles like the exaggerated cat-eye Lana or the thick-framed and super round Mikko sunnies. Okay I mean just LOOK at this tiny selection of what they offer…SO GOOD. Can’t wait to get moooore cos they’re really affordable (prices start at just US$7 yes just SEVEN dollars). I swear I wasn’t forced to do this post..I seriously just love the collection that much.

We hit up Café Kacao, this new-ish Korean caffe on Sinan Lu, for brunch that morning and kinda annoyed that the main dining area was closed off for some tree-hugging event (no idea) so we had to sit in the dingy freezing cafe basement area surrounded by a million fake trees and fake bird sounds (i dunno again..). The brunch was okay and although it looked good (see below), it only tastes mmd (so-so) but honestly, grill a sausage, toast a waffle, give me some maple syrup and I’m a happy girl. Simple pleasures really.

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August 8, 2014 at 4:12 pm

the sunnies look amazing on you!

August 24, 2014 at 1:13 am

Accessories game on lock. #bestinthegame

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