I CANNOT believe it’s March already!! Been back in NY for 7 weeks already but it feels like I just got back last week!! UGH that means it’s midterm week, which means I have a crapload of work to catch up on but also means I’m halfway there to graduation!!!!

I haven’t posted an outfit photo and a long ass while cos the weather in NY has been leaving me feeling very stay-at-home-wear-pajamas-all-day. BUT today turned out to be really nice!! Sha told me it’s daylight savings this weekend so hopefully that means I’ll never have to live in snow again!!!

Awesome face yes yes?
Danskin leggins, MxMJ mocassins, BF Obey shirt, AA long cardi, Zara trench coat, Rayban aviators, Drake’s scarf, Mulberry Bayswater bag.

Me and Mr. Sanchez.

Took sha to Remedy diner for the first time, that place is really hit or miss. We then proceeded to stroll the streets of NY, intention was to buy some supplies for our secret job, but we did so much secret shopping (of the window and rack kind), that the store ended up closing before we could get there ):


I’ve always thought that me and DM’s don’t mesh well together, especially the 8 hole kinds cos my calves are fairly large and those kinda mid-calf boots aren’t always good on me. HOWEVER, I did finally try on these floral boots that I’ve loved for so long and to my surprise, they actually looked pretty good, only when folded down (which I kinda love more anyways). I didn’t get them though, although they were only $60 at ShoeMania, but because they only had size 10 or above!! After a little prowling online, I found the black floral ones on Amazon for only $70!! I’ve got to call Switzerland to move some money around but they will be mine soon!!!


Today I scored a wonderful blazer at H&M on sale!! I know Sha initially wanted this, but she gave me the A-OK to get it for myself! I was surprised to find this in the sale rack already since I just came out not too long ago, but maybe they’re tryna get rid of all the winter-related stuff to make way for SPRING AWESOME-NESS.

Hellz Yes I’m rocking the Sale tag.

$20!!! Can you believe it. So chepp chepp.

A little closeup of the texture/pattern of the fabric. Makes me feel a little old man-ish but I ruff it.

So glad I got the blazer. Been looking for a long/boyfriend blazer for a while..If it was all black then would be +10pts but I’ll settle for this for now (;


My blog gets a fair amount of readers, as told to me by stats counter thingie, but I’d love to hear from you guys too!!

PLEASE READ: Also, in regards to our secret project, please let me know if there are any accessories or DIY projects that you’ve always wanted to see/do but never knew how then please let me know!! Send pics/links to show me and I’ll try my very very best to come up with an easy to follow and do tutorial!! Please let me know in comments or email me at !!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys want to do!!!!!

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