Diesel Black Gold sweater, Uniqlo black jeans, TOMS Distressed-effect slipons, TOMS Crystal-bordeux Beachmaster sunglasses both available at

A million and ten years ago, On Pedder approached me to do a fun styling thang for a fun collaborative project they were working on with charitable shoe company TOMS. The story goes that the owner, Blake Mycoskie, was traveling in Argentina one day and made friends with those little cuties there and found that they had no shoes to protect their feet. He then created TOMS, a company that for every pair of shoes sold, would give a pair of shoes to a child in need, hence the motto ONE FOR ONE. With such a charitable backing, I definitely wanted to get involved. Until recently, TOMS was more difficult to find in Hong Kong – having bought my first pair back in 2009 from Pedder Red, I knew there were very limited colours to choose from and just only one or two stores that carried them. Lane Crawford has partnered with TOMS to sell a wide variety of the humanitarian shoes in Hong Kong. Check out the vaste array of options here.

As part of the collaborative project, On Pedder posed the question “What does Giving mean to you?”. I approached this project with the mindset of helping out my local community. My mom always taught me to help the “small enterprises” instead of feeding those huge corporate chains (uhh but I love Lane Crawford!!). I always keep this in mind when it comes to shopping for daily necessities especially with groceries. Here’s what I wrote: “Giving back to the local community is important to any city that is developing as fast as Hong Kong. I always do my best to support my neighborhood “mom and pop” shops. It’s a good feeling to see that your money is going back into the community where you eat, live and work.” I went for a simple easy look with my TOMS Distressed-effect slipons keeping it all black (naturally) to let the silver details stand out. The TOMS Crystal-bordeux Beachmaster sunglasses also went perfectly with my easy market look.

This local grocery store has been on this block for almost 30 years. My mom told me she used to buy her groceries there when she first moved to HK in her 20s and I still continue to shop for fruits and veggies here whenever I can. The sales lady (a new bff) even said she remembers my mom! That’s the kind of personal relationship you would never make at a huge chain.

Click here to read the article and also check out some post-event pictures here on!

Vintage Tokyo Disneyland Mickey Mouse crewneck, Uniqlo black jeans, Undercover FUCK clutch and TOMS Distressed-effect slipons

To celebrate the collaboration, Lane Crawford held a fun event at their ifc store with TOMS dude Blake Mycoskie in attendance! For the event, I contributed a DIY shoe that was hanging on their intense TOMS shoe chandelier! Of course mine was the only all black one (spray painted) with super hardcore deathmetal hex screws drilled in (har har). All the coolest and most charitable people were out that night and of course everyone was running around all comfortable in their TOMS shoes! The best events are when you can wear flats/sneakers! Fun games of foosball and yummy mini sliders! Jason and I made a contribution to the act by buying two pairs of super super cute baby TOMS for his new nephew.

Unfortunately the TOMS installation is no more at Lane Crawford ifc mall but you can still buy the shoes and sunglasses at all Lane Crawford stores and also available to buy online!

BTW how great is the quality of these event photos? Shot them all that night with my iPhone 5!

Jason Capobianco busting caps on Blake Mycoskie POW POW POW

BB TOMS SHOE DISGUIZE – WEI WEI WEI? Saw these girls answering important business calls on my shoe hahahaha

Super cool TOMS shoe chandelier and…uh…TOMS wedges!

Seriousness runs in the LAMS: Jason TOUGHLOVE, Grace Lam of Vogue China and JJ Acuna, master blogger at TheWanderlister+


Hey cool blurry! Me, Blake and Jason! We called each other up earlier to make sure we were all matching of course..

Baby TOMS! The cutest! I customized a pair of these for baby #DGS! Can’t wait til he’s big enough to wear them!


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