Zara pants, PB’s New York tee that I made him, Uniqlo cashmere camel sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 and Alexander Wang Millie bag.

lulzzzzzzzzz fat squigging outta shoes :D

Excuse the lameass dressing room (Zara) photos, it’s always a challenge for me to find someone to take a good outfit pic for me. Yes the title of my post refers to the fact that I’ve worn these Zara pants like..one thousand times. It’s also quite embarrassing that like 5 out of 6 of my last posts or something, I have been wearing these pants. I promise I don’t ONLY wear these..it’s just that they are the most comfortable bottoms I own so I tend to wear them on the weekends mostly which is when I normally take outfit pics! Anyway..they’re just comfy and really great basic pants so yeah..perhaps I should turn this blog into “Let’s see how many different combinations of outfits Denise can wear with these pants”! zzzzzzzzz how boring.

I tried on this amazing skirt at Zara the other day. Am slowly warming up to full-length/mid-calf full skirts as I think they’re rather classy/hippie/90s. However, seeing as I’m not pocky-thin plus the fact that I have hockey legs (I played field hockey for like 7 years or so) AND also I’m about the same height as an aging granny..anyway my point is I don’t think me and full-length skirts could have a long-term relationship. Anyway, this Zara one had a gorgeous subtle print and the major major selling point: POCKETS. Find it here.

DIY chain/cross bracelet, Casio watch, random knuckle ring.

Fluffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffy hehe

So in love with my new Monki striped shirt! I hadn’t yet jumped onto the Breton Stripes bandwagon but when I saw this super comfy super soft super stripey super cute SUPER affordable sweater/shirt I was like okay sure yeah why not! andddd once again, (as with all my new clothes) I’ve been wearing it non-stop. In fact, I’m going to be wearing it again today wahaahha.

Also, check out my hair. Cool? My mom seems to hate it. She hates the “Mong Kok” orangey/brown but honestly, it’s not this light in real life. And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t do anything to it lately haha just wanted to point out my au naturale gradient fade. I’m actually not planning on fixing the fade any time soon..if you’ve been following my blog for a while (uhh who would bother!?) then you know my hair has been through way too much chemical abuse so I think I’m just gonna tough it out and grow out all the gross ends.

This is all I got from the Lanvin x H&M collection. I went to the flagship store in Central during my lunchbreak just to see what was left and funnily enough, when I JUST got there they had caged up the LxH&M corner, was just finished restocking the racks with whatever was left and was just about to open the cage. Well okay yah waited like 2 seconds and then the little mini gate was moved and the hoard of people at lunch rushed in. Of course I was one of them but I didn’t manage to get anything ): I was like okay whatevz so I did a little stroll around in the men’s section (nothing) and did one last little peek at the women’s part. Just as I was about to walk away some SA put down a lipstick and I grabbed that badmotherfucker as fast as I could. YAY so walked to the counter to pay and WHATISTHIS!?!?! Another lipstick just randomly lying about..so I got that too! A bit stupid in having 2 of the same colour but luckily cko from HKFASHIONGEEK scored me a PINK lipstick and we shall be trading very soon :) YAY exactly what I wanted (well I was dying for the sunglasses too but oh well). What did everyone else get? Anything really good? Any good horror stories?? Any sunglasses for MEHHHH?


  1. First off I gotta say that I love your blog ’cause you always always have THE best jewelery, second your posts are always very entertaining, the GIFs are my fav part, and lastly you’re my little taste of HK/Home during the 11 months of the year that I cannot be there.

    I actually walked into H&M on Tuesday here in Vancouver, Canada and we’ve got an ENTIRE rack of the black/white stripped Lanvin x H&M Men’s scarves (checked back today and they still had loads), so that was a very nice surprise. I’m ridiculously jealous of your lipsticks though.

  2. I’m really loving all your outfits!

  3. there isn’t anything wrong with wearing the same pair of pants 1000x!! at least, not to me, hehe. i have like a zillion pairs of pants but i only manage to wear the same pair of jeans all the time.

    and yess to jumping on the long skirt bandwagon!! although all the long skirts i have tend to graze the floor cos i’m not 7 ft tall.

  4. tho you only blog once or twice a month, i still look forward to seeing your new posts!

  5. pocky legs haha! i’m still trying to twist my man’s arm into going to HK this spring when we go to Japan/Korea :/

  6. yooooo i didn’t know you had the millie bag!!! the leopard one is my favourite!
    anddd I SAW THAT SKIRT AT ZARA and wanted it but was too cheap to get it because i knew i wouldn’t wear it that much :(

    also, thanks for your comment about my editorial!! i love those triangles hehe

  7. hello denise!

    Thanks, I’m so glad you like the white :)
    All lovely pieces there and OMYGOSH those lanvin lipsticks are the cutest things, guilty pleasures to a whole new level.

    I will be coming back end of January for about a week then heading off to dubai/tokyo. what are you plans?
    Also, if you felt like being a tour guide…anytime soon hehe


  8. So when are we gonna see the debut of the Monki trench? :P I know- it’s too hot here… it’s 22 as we speak (yawns). I like the first outfit- the pants look good on you- I always want to try the drop crotch tapered ones but they look stupid on me.

  9. Still loving your bag and your hair looks great even though it’s growing out! The Zara skirt is lovely on you and at least you can get away with wearing it. There’s no way I could ever wear that length. I’d look silly!

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