H&M denim shirt and shorts, F21 parka, Topshop flats, Custom-made bag

DIY spike bracelet, spike ring gift from Julie

H&M denim shirt, H&M paperbag shorts, F21 Parka, D&G Miss Pocket Bag and scarf, Sam Edelman Zoes.

I am in love with the denim trend. Wore the same outfit out the day after but with blue jeans instead – full on Candian Tuxedo, to which PB sends me this, do i have the best boyfriend ever or what?

Wore the first outfit out to get some Mexican last week with some friends. In case you didn’t know, Mexican is definitely my favourite cuisine..right after Chinese and Japanese. I truly and sincerely miss Chipotle sfm.

Wore the second outfit out last night to a dinner and movie date with PB. So……..yeah got the Sam Edelman Zoes. I couldn’t resist since the ladies over at Solestruck offered me such a great deal on them. They’re definitely NOT as comfortable as I thought they’d be cos of the height. Perhaps I just need to wear them in more since height is normally no problem as I think I’m pretty good at running in my 5″ Ash wedges.

Still not sure about the colour editting of my photos..having so much trouble with how I want them to look like. Excuse me while I continue to experiment k?

Apparently the bullets are back.

No one tagged me to do this but I thought it’d be fun and I love doing this kinda shit:

things that make me happy (in no particular order and 8 cos I couldn’t think of 10):

loveletters from PB:

new things:

Sam Edelman Zoes

H&M paperbag shorts, lace t-shirt and men’s denim shirt (pictured in outfit)

high tea (with scones and Mariage Frères tea):

making things:

Lanvin-inspired frayed denim and chain necklace (for my mom)

Elastic waist creamy lace skirt

Browsing Lane Crawford (IFC):


Source: unknown.

patterns and prints:

Rafael Bertone | Philippe Intraligi | D-NYCE (that’s me!) | Givenchy SS2010 | Unknown | Gant Powell

crazy nights out (although its been a while since we’ve had one):

(that’s not me down there btw.)

And now I tag Ninzerlerbongulars and all the other Ladylike ladies (Jess, Betsey, Kaez, Patricia, Sandy, Louise, Courts and our newest member, Cassandra!) I don’t really expect anyone to do this but it’d be fun!

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