H&M denim shirt and shorts, F21 parka, Topshop flats, Custom-made bag

DIY spike bracelet, spike ring gift from Julie

H&M denim shirt, H&M paperbag shorts, F21 Parka, D&G Miss Pocket Bag and scarf, Sam Edelman Zoes.

I am in love with the denim trend. Wore the same outfit out the day after but with blue jeans instead – full on Candian Tuxedo, to which PB sends me this, do i have the best boyfriend ever or what?

Wore the first outfit out to get some Mexican last week with some friends. In case you didn’t know, Mexican is definitely my favourite cuisine..right after Chinese and Japanese. I truly and sincerely miss Chipotle sfm.

Wore the second outfit out last night to a dinner and movie date with PB. So……..yeah got the Sam Edelman Zoes. I couldn’t resist since the ladies over at Solestruck offered me such a great deal on them. They’re definitely NOT as comfortable as I thought they’d be cos of the height. Perhaps I just need to wear them in more since height is normally no problem as I think I’m pretty good at running in my 5″ Ash wedges.

Still not sure about the colour editting of my photos..having so much trouble with how I want them to look like. Excuse me while I continue to experiment k?

Apparently the bullets are back.

No one tagged me to do this but I thought it’d be fun and I love doing this kinda shit:

things that make me happy (in no particular order and 8 cos I couldn’t think of 10):

loveletters from PB:

new things:

Sam Edelman Zoes

H&M paperbag shorts, lace t-shirt and men’s denim shirt (pictured in outfit)

high tea (with scones and Mariage Frères tea):

making things:

Lanvin-inspired frayed denim and chain necklace (for my mom)

Elastic waist creamy lace skirt

Browsing Lane Crawford (IFC):


Source: unknown.

patterns and prints:

Rafael Bertone | Philippe Intraligi | D-NYCE (that’s me!) | Givenchy SS2010 | Unknown | Gant Powell

crazy nights out (although its been a while since we’ve had one):

(that’s not me down there btw.)

And now I tag Ninzerlerbongulars and all the other Ladylike ladies (Jess, Betsey, Kaez, Patricia, Sandy, Louise, Courts and our newest member, Cassandra!) I don’t really expect anyone to do this but it’d be fun!

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  1. Whooh! I saw that Lane Crawford display at IFC, too!

    Love the chain-fabric necklace (?) you crafted. Are you gonna do a tutorial some day?

  2. Love love your outfit with that gorgeous shirt! Ohhhh no,I think my closet would soon be filled with h&m stuff soon due to me asking you to help me buy stuff. lol But thanks so much! That lace cream skirt is stunning too,you’re so creative always.

    awwww,so sweet of you to do that necklace for your mom. Ohh,I’m actually saving up for my holiday pans this year. So really trying not to spend but apparently its like up and down on days. lol

    big hugsss<3

  3. i love your new glasses denise!! :D what brand are they? AND HELLZ YES TO THE ZOE BOOTS!!! WOOO!

  4. michelle

    seriously, adobe lightroom is your friend. white balance that shit!!

  5. Really adore you’re outfit and that hair length looks pretty on you :)

  6. First time commenting >.> better late than never, right?
    Really wish we had more shops down in Aus! I’m loving the paperbag shorts — so cute!
    Why is it that you rock glasses so hard and I uberly fail? hahaha
    Love your meme too! Let the good times roll!
    P.S. I’m totally craving scones now!

  7. love the outfits! the sam eldmen look so cool! the length of hair actually really suits you, gives it lots of volume! i’ve been meaning to cut my hair too, but can’t seem to part with the length. very brave you are!

  8. I love this post so hard.

  9. the bow flats are so adorable! as well as the cream skirt too!
    and your hair looks like it’s growing already :D

  10. Me love scones too!

    You look nice in the Sam Edelmans, they actually look better being worn by real legs instead of twigs for legs!! And you wear denim shirts so nicely too, I look like a carpenter in them :

  11. Sam Edelman is so cool, i love it. and you really suits on the denim shirt…

  12. ZOES!!! i’m so jealous but i probably couldnt even walk in those. they look seriously amazing though.
    I LOVE THAT LACE T-SHIRT SFM OMG i want it. (could you email me?! anameigelpi@hotmail.com)

  13. That necklace display at Lane Crawford is awesome! And your lace skirt is sooo pretty, you’ve inspired me to try and make myself one :)

  14. loving the boots, and who doesn’t love piggies?!!

  15. Aww your boyfriend is rad. Up-to-date with the denim on denim trend AND sends you love letters. Am I jealous or what! ^.^ Your new shoes are awesome awesome awesome. I will never tire of that beautiful heel/wedge or hedge to make it easier. Always love your posts. So lively and full of character. My dear, my skin is far from flawless. I give credit to clever lighting in my photographs. But thank you for the kindest compliment.

  16. I love Lane Crawford!! Especially when it’s quiet on weekdays.
    That denim necklace is really cool! It looks expensive, very well made!

  17. Ahhh love Lane Crawford, it’s such a pleasure to shop around in there! Love the shoes and I know you cut your hair in the last post- but it somehoe looks shorter in these pics, your hair looks awesome!! I love that the shots of the shirt, top and shorts are all sort of muted tones, pretty!

  18. I love your denim shirt!…especially your Sam Edelman Zoes!!…you look great in your pics :)

  19. I really like your outfit. But seriously why ? and this is something the best. I don’t know why I like it. Just I am :) !
    And of course Sam Edelman. O my …, I’m soooooo jealous !

  20. WAHHHH i want the zoe boots !!!
    you look awesome.
    and i love your lace skirt .

  21. Piggies are cute and I would be happy too if I get to go to Lane Crawford often ;)
    The Zoes are awesome but I can never get myself to pay more for them when I missed out on snagging them for $99 when they were first out on VS…I’m cheap I know -_-;;

    Love your outfit, the parka, the shorts, the scarf! <3

  22. Denise, I love it when you post because I know it will be a lot, good and nice to look at. I envy your shoes, your hair and the fact that you wear those glasses so damn well.

  23. YOU ARE SO CUTE! I love all the accessories and the denim shirt is awesome. and that necklace is beautiful!

    hahha denim is definitely back! My friend just got two denim shirts and she was super excited XD. need to dig my old one up from the closet of death…

  24. your glasses suit you so perfectly. and you are the perfect model. :)

  25. you make me miss lane crawford at hong kong very much !
    im really into their shoe dept !
    the displays always make me wanna go buy everything..

    nice lanvin inspired necklace !
    i thought it looked really good !

    thanks much for the comments dear !
    visit – follow – comment me back at..
    glisters and blisters

  26. EDELMAAAANS. I got mine a size larger so they’re actually ridiculously comfortable for me… but my friends with the smaller pairs say the height makes their toes go down.. or something along those lines. WHO CARES, THEY’RE HAWT.

  27. Amazing purchases!!


  29. I WANT THAT SKIRT. It’s very pretty! :D

  30. So how often are you in Hong Kong now! ive been trying to look for the best denim shirt but no such luck =<
    well if you live in Hong Kong thats great!!! i love meeting hk bloggerss!!!

  31. love the denim shirt and lace skirt!! i got my tutu on ebay! maybe you can get one there and have it shipped to you! xxoxx

  32. LULZ my mom has this thing where she wants everyone in my house to change toothbrushes every 2 months now. it’s pretty much the only thing i’ve purchased in the course of the past 3 weeks but i kind of forgot to say…now people are probably thinking wtf she’s webcamming with a packaged toothbrush :/
    supernice diys by the way…
    lane crawford at ifc! haha i like the one at pacific place best…not too sure why though. everything’s displayed nicer at ifc.
    love the boots!


  33. Okay I am in love with that DIY skirt. Lace <3
    Love your new purchases and hair!!! Looking good, love ;)

  34. WOOHOOOOOO ZOES!!!!!!!!!
    ok now i’m REALLY tempted to get them. but i have no money!!! goddammit, life sucks!

    also, i love the lace tshirt, soooo cute, and i think we have the same denim shirt!!! except actually, was yours the $14.50 one or the more expensive one? they virtually look the same but i didn’t know about the cheaper one til like two months later. oh well!

  35. I love the IFC lane crawford too.. browsing there is heaven cus you get to touch all the expensive stuff hahaha. YOU GOT THE SAM EDELMAN ZOES!!! OK I AM SO TEMPTED NOW… did they give you a mega discount? jealous :( i’ve been wanting those babies for so long but my bank balance can’t take it! xx

  36. HIII. i love your whole outfit, especially the stud bracelets and the sam edelman’s. I still want them SOO badddddddly. ughh.

  37. YAAY u got the Edelmans!!

    wait, did u get a haircut?

  38. I love scones! Those are making me hungry. You got a ton of really cute things. And of course, lovely Zoe boots!


  39. your beige shorts are super gorgeous!
    ahh and your bag… *drool*
    yay for brown tones!


  40. oooo ooo i must’ve forgotten to comment last time!! :P haha anyway YES to scones and strawberry jam for tea!! YES to love letters (sighhhh you’re really lucky PB actually writes you love letters!!! i thought guys never did that anymore :( if my bf so much as writes a bit more than a paragraph i’m amazed and floored). YES to paperbag shorts that are adorable and lace t-shirts and H&M!!! le sigh <3 hope the sunglasses reach ya soon!!

  41. I love that you’re doing the denim on denim. I’m tempted to try it out. Also, I was so surprised to see your hair shorter!

  42. Fabulous parka! And love your glasses too.

  43. I think i have the same h&m shorts as you!! so perfect for spring woooooooooooooooo! ps your hair looks great :)

  44. i wish i had the patience to make things. haha.

  45. Hi I would like to know what floor is Sam Edelman on in IFC? Thanks

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