AA tshirt dress, H&M tights, Zara denim vest, PedderRed buckle wedges and Revlon lipstick.
On Julie: H&M tshirt, black jeans and H&M oxfords.

Omg can you believe the last time I blogged it was September?? And now we’re almost half way through October! Ewwwpsssss. Well anyways I’ll make up for it with a humungo post as usual haha and I’ll try to keep the yapping down to a minimum.

Wore the outfit above to a night out a couple of weeks ago. The shoes were amazingly really comfortable and I love covered booties as it means I can run with them, if needed, without the fear that my shoes will fly off or trail behind me as I run.
I’ve finally given up on my stupid Nokia. I recently sold my America Blackberry Bold and ended up purchasing a pair of Marni shoes so..I guess buying my new Blackberry is gonna have to be postponed for a few more weeks ):.
oh yeah so my new Marni shoes. I’ll have to post them in the next post..this post has too much going on already.
and I also got a bunch of new accessories that I made and some stuff my mom brought back from her trip to Amsterdam…which I’ll be posting in the next post cos..there’s again too much in this one post.
I’m getting pretty excited for halloween now. The last time I dressed up was..2006 i think and I wore my primary/elementary school uniform as my costume. Yep, still fit into my 10 year old clothes: I was probably super fat and huge back then thats why I can still fit into it.. Me and my friends are hoping to do a group costume together..hopefully everything will turn out awesome!!!!
In the last two days I watched 500DOS (days of Summer) and District 9. They were both pretty good. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone so you’ll just have to go out and watch it yourself! Although I bet majority of you already have…god damn Hong Kong is sooo slow with movies. I think WTWTA (Where the Wild Things Are) probably isn’t even going to come out till 2011…it’s not even decided yet. UGH SUCKS. and we never get any good indie or small release disappointing ):
Which brings me to my next point and what my blog title is in reference to: have you guys heard any of the Where the Wild Things are OST songs yet? I am freaking in love. I highly highly recommend All is Love (which I believe is the first single) and Rumpus, my absolute fave. Karen O has such a beautiful voice and since I haven’t watched the movie yet, I can only imagine that the music fits absolutely perfectly with the film!

omggg Dan Tat (egg tarts). One of my favouuurrriiittteee Chinese desserts. A Saint-Honore bakery just recently opened up near my office so me and my office buddy Maria got dan tats the other day and that day of work was gewwwwwwwwwwwwwd.

My mom recently bought me this ring as a belated birthday present. It’s from Agatha..not sure if they have that brand anywhere other than Hong Kong but the ring is sparkly, all black and I freaking love it.

Obi is NOT impressed.

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I took a trip to Cyberport where there’s this monthly outdoor market/fair thing. Anyway there was a stall that had live animals that were available for hire for like parties and shit..ok anyways they had this cuties little turtle and this cuties little boy who loved to feed it stones haha.

Zara blazer, Giordano XXL tank, Topshop denim and BFY handdrawn shoes.

WAH outfit post number 2!! Wore this outfit last Saturday for a day out shopping with Julie, then an evening with PB and lastly late night chilling with the group for Silvia’s birthday.

Here’s a close up of the shoes I’m wearing. I hand drew them myself on some super cheap classic Hong Kong canvas shoes. I’m sure if you’re from Hong Kong yknow what Bat Fan Yue is…heahae bought from the supermarket for about $40HK which is like..$5US hahaha. They’re not great quality but they’re comfy for a few days and you can consider them pretty much as disposable shoes.

YES! Okonomiyaki!!

Lychee shot! I believe you can probably only get lychee shots with real lychees in Hong Kong :D

Heaheha PB and his new shoe rack!!

LOL did you guys notice this little guy standing in front of PB? HAHAHAHA So cute. It was rainy so maybe that’s why he’s tryna be all inconspicuous hahahahaha.

Me and PB were suppper naughty and got these little toy guns from the vending machines! We got one and PB loved it so much he wanted ALL…well we got 4 but there was a repeat of one so we’re gonna go back to try and get all six! If you’ve been to Hong Kong before you probably know exactly what toy vending machines I’m talking about. I love them :D

My hair after a day of being tied in a bun. I’m thinking about curling my hair??? Thoughts??? But then my hair is SO damaged right now from my previous disaster dye jobs so…I probably won’t end up curling it. My mom keeps asking me to cut my hair short again…but god dammit it took me like 5 years to grow it out and I am sooooooooooooo not cutting it.


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