Custom-made floral jacket from 5 years ago (similar here), H&M grey tank, American Apparel shiny leggings, Cole Haan LE 3M Reflective wingtips and Miu Miu bag.

Love when friends come back home to visit, it’s like a holiday for me too cos we always go eat the yummiest foods or go to places I’ve never even been to. Like this trip, one of my longest friends ever (since P2’s) came back to visit again and all we did was major hotpot feast, chill at Olympian City (never been there), drunken karaoke until 6am and we even had an impromptu coffee time with one of our primary school friends that I hadn’t seen for about 15 years!

The more and more I “grow up”, I come to realize how many people I hate lol. Well not hate, but as a growing adult, there are so many people around me who I can’t believe act the way they do. At least a few times a week I think to myself “are you SERIOUS? You’re 25+ and you act/talk/do shit like that?”. Me and Mo have decided that everyone is crazy and weird and that we should just run away and live on our own little island with our crazy dogs, cats and pigs.

My point is, cherish your long-time friends and even if you only see each other only once or twice a year, make those times count! Thanks to Gideon for taking these pics! So glad one of my friends finally knows how to handle my camera. Follow him on instagram: gideonlee!!


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