b+ab black shorts, school uniform shirt, Prada flats (mom’s handmedown), Rabeanco bag and Rayban Wayfarers.

Yay big head!

Does this shirt look familiar? Especially to anyone who went to primary and/or secondary school in Hong Kong? Why yes! Yes it IS the school uniform shirt from my Halloween costume! I tooooooooold you guys that I’d wear my uniform again! I paired them with these new shorts that are exact copies of the A.Wang boxer/brief shorts that Nanz got, except the waistband is a regular elastic waistband. Anyway, I thought I’d fashin-up my uniform shirt with tons of jewellery (as usual) and my Wayfies to look coooool (H).

That night, me and PB went for some FRESH seafood near his place. Between the two of us, we ordered 4 dishes! Too usual..we always over do it!! I honestly love love love these meals with PB cos it’s always fun, stuffing and we always have a good time :)

My favouriteeeeeee: clams in black bean sauce. SOOO GOOOD!!!

Battered fresh squid with garlic and chilis

Sweet and sour garoupa. As you can see, PB couldn’t even wait till I took my photo before grabbing some.

Cubed angus beef with champagne and grape sauce. This was so good. The dish came wrapped in tin foil and we cut it open then poured the champagne and grape sauce over it and it sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzled. So good.

Moving on…you may have noticed in my outfit pics…my new ring! Yep, PB got me the infamous YSL Arty ring for my belated birthday present :D So happy!! I love it!! I asked the sales lady what happens if the stone drops out..and she said that if I still have it then they’ll send it in to get it fixed, but if it drops and I lost the stone, then there’s nothing they can do. However, she said no one has ever come in reporting that the stone I’m hoping it never will! I’m trying to be EXTRA safe when wearing it cos I tend to be kinda cho-lo (haphazard?) normally.


For my birthday this year I got 3 rings! My previous post was the Philipe Audibert one, from Nanz. This is my second one from PB and I’ll post the last one in my next update, from my mom!

I finally picked up the latest Elle UK with Lily Allen on the cover. Firstly, Elle UK is definitely one of my favourite magazines. Their editorials always blow me away but I normally only buy an issue if I like who’s on the cover, i.e. Lily Allen (love her). So i just thought I’d share some of my favourite looks from this month:

Isabel Marant means A) I need skinnier legs -.- and B) I needa get me a pair of pointed red pumps!

Yaaaayyy boobies 8

Camel is everywhere.

Dunno who she is but I love this look: loose baggy sweater over a tight bandage skirt with barelegs and super high heels.

…the dress…..gahhh..

Yay camel again! Can’t wait for Fall!!! You can’t see it but I loved this pic cos she’s actually wearing high-top chucks.

More camel!…so much hair envy!! Still in that disgusting phase of growing out my hair -.-

AND lastly, the only way to stay cool in this heat:

P.S. I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow with PB for a quick weekend getaway! We’re really excited cos it’s our first real holiday together..and it’s also PB’s first time in Thailand! I’ve been there a couple of times already but when I was younger, so I’m really excited to go back even if it’s for such a short time. Will update when I get back!


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