Vivienne Tam satin baseball jacket, AA lace top underneath a Monki sheer polka dot shirt, Zara pants, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 boots and Zara/DIY clutch.

(Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford)

Soooooooo the infamous OCxLC party! I was soooo happy when I received my invite (that I forgot to take a photo of to put on here but it’s really cute it’s got STICKERS..and I loooooove me some stickers!) and that week leading up to the party had me SO excited! I’m actually a bit mind-blocked right now and not sure of what to write but here’s TONS of photos to slow down your computer :)

(Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford)

(Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford)

Unfortunately I didnt get to see Chloe Sevigny ): I was super bummed but apparently not a lot of people saw her anyway (except Sam! So jealous!). I did however see Humberto and Carol (yes we’re on a first name basis here~) moseying around a few times and their cute little parents too!

hahahaha Valerie!

“Heeyyy take a photo of me looking”

“ooo shopping shopping looking looking at these leeeeeedle clothessss”


Deceiving mini-burger stand that was actually the drink stand!

OC x agnés b

Photo booth!

blah blah blah blah. Whenever julie’s around, expect a lot of gifs…all she does is hold on to the shutter button and never lets go.

Julie’s llama

Asked this guy for a photo and he gave me this super moody face -.-

LOL julie’s sausage finger

The accessories: David Yurman 3 bangles, Chapel skull cuff, random rhinestone, COS paperchain, random skull bracelet, Tag Heuer vintage watch, random long bone ring, H&M stud ring and DIY wire wrap ring.

Me and SAM from Samishome.com!!

CLN and FF (Cutie Lil Nanz and Fashionista freddy)

The embroidery on the back of my jacket.

Hahahah cute little burger same shape as Julie’s head/hair hahahaha

In line for ice cream!

YES finally!

After we left, we played around near the bathrooms in IFC hahaha

So that was it! I thought it was a really great night and the store looked amazing! The carnival/NY street stands/fun fun theme was super cute! I love how Lane Crawford dresses up their store for these events, always so fun!! Everyone in HK definitely should check the store out before they switch it back to normal..which is I don’t know when… However, I was a bit bummed that I didn’t get to see Chloe but honestly, she was looking a bit..i dunno to me not as pretty as normal so maybe it’s good that I didn’t see her hahahah. Anyway so the store is looking super cute and of course I wanted a million things but of course #2, I can’t afford to toss my money in LC’s face ):

Oh my jacket! Been looking for a baseball/varsity jacket for ages now and all the ones that I had found already were either too thick (wool+leather), had lame ass badges on them or we’re just too expensive for me. LUCKILY, DUN DUN DUNNN, I remembered that we had this satin little number in our house for ages! My mom bought it from Vivienne Tam like a million years ago or something and all the ladies in my family have worn it at least once! The embroidery on the back is really pretty and the satin is just thin enough to wear in this 20sth degree weather. Perfect!

Oh and my clutch! This is the super easy DIY I was doing the other day…this is probably the furthest colour-blocking I can do ): But anyway I’ll be posting a DIY tutorial very soon!

And lastly, I’ve been asked a few times so here: my glasses are D&G and I’m not sure if this is the model number but on the inside it says “1166 501 50 22 140.” Hope that helps! And no, I don’t know where to get them in what stores! Sorry!

okay bye!


P.S. So I’m currently not so satisfied with the quality of my photos..been thinking of switching back to a DSLR. My camera just really sucks in low-light and is only best in the daytime when I’m outdoors and it’s sunny. I’ve only had this camera for just over a year and honestly, I secretly regretted buying it after like the first few months ): hmmm will have to think about this more and I might be selling my camera so if anyone is interested in an Olympus EP-1 then lemme know!

  1. It’s so cool that you always get to attend fashion events! Your outfit is flawless as usual :3
    Chloe Sevigny’s collection is pretty awesome, but way too out of my budget.

    How much would you sell the camera for? I’m sick of lugging around my heavy DSLR!

  2. SRSLY, EVERYTHING FUN HAPPENS IN HK!!! Well, and maybe everywhere else too but I ain’t seeing any of this happening in SG! :(((( Great photos!! Seems like it was a really really fun night.
    LOL to a whole bunch of things:
    1. Little waiter boy with his stick on moustache – I would TOTALLY be PISSED the entire night hahaha.
    2. Cute mini hamburgers! :) (i like how they resemble Julie’s haircut hee)
    3. Those awesome seats in the shape of heels! I keep seeing them in a couple of places and everytime they just crack me up. I’m thinking it’d be fun to get some to put outside my apartment/house next time to greet guests when they arrive.

    Anw, those boots of yours look really killah!! How do you walk around in such high heels??

    Your photos are actually of a really nice quality! :) The micro four thirds cameras are just really good considering their light weight and convenience but yeah I can understand how in dimmer lights it becomes a bit of a challenge. But it’s so so convenient 12 hours in the day. I love my dslr but it gets sooo heavy after awhile.

    so jealous ;-;

  4. Riding the elevator with them was such a trip. Most unexpected moment of the entire stay haha. Sad we didn’t get to lunch but hopefully one day soooooon! xoxoxox

  5. omg I wish there was lane crawford in my city, that’d be the stupidest thing though they wouldnt make any money hahaha damnnn looks really cute/fun :)

  6. i like the pop of color from your clutch with your outfit :D that mustache waiter was the best photo ever, i bet he was super pissed seeing as canto boys have zero facial hair.

  7. Lol the mini burger stand wasn’t lying to you.. it was ACTUALLY a mini burger stand- I think people ate them all that’s all!

    Yeah let’s hang out- I’ll be in the States come Saturday so let’s do May yes??? ^^

  8. aw you guys looked like you had so much fun. i would totally grab me more than 1 mini burger if i were there. seriously. lol. ps i never thought chloe was that pretty to begin with; she looks tired all the time like mary-kate and ashley :- but nobody can deny their stylish ways haha.

    pps i want your vivienne tam baseball jacket. so hot.

  9. Oh wow, this looks like one amazing event! I love all your pictures, you all look so cute! I love all the finger foods you get at events- I’ve had mini fish and chips once (er…because that’s all we eat in the UK apparently?!). I bet it’ll all be gone before I head over in July which is a shame, it all looks so pretty! Also, loving your JC shoes!

  10. This is a serious pop-up shop! I wonder what they will do with all the decor when it’s over :( OC really knows how to make life look FUN.

  11. totally wish i was in hong kong for that party! will definitely have to stop by the store the next time i’m in HK

  12. the coolest things happen in hk. i love the little lane crawford x oc bunny logo!


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