T by Alexander Wang tshirt, H&M leather trim pants (similar here), DIY Baggu backpack, Vans Hokusai print slip-ons and Carrera 6000 sunglasses (LaneCrawford exclusive).

Libertine is for just me and you. It’s the cutest little French/American diner place inconveniently located on Aberdeen Street with super yummy crunchy fries, great interiors and a really private/quiet setting. We’d been there a couple of times already for dinner/latenight snacks. A couple of weeks ago we decided to have an adventure of a day and an adventure is incomplete without a yummy breakfast. We’d been wanting to test out Libertine’s brunch for a while but were left half disappointed and half super satisfied. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros but requested it WITHOUT beans and of course, since I’m Denise Lai, it came with the unwanted beans and not only that, but they were like SMOOSHED into the tortilla. Otherwise, the dish was pretty good. I mean sunny-side-up egg, guacs and tortilla? Nothing to hate there! Except for those god damn beans… Anyway Jason ordered a truffle egg and salmon croissant and I SUPER REGRET NOT GETTING THAT. It was super yums and definitely worth the trek (or..the taxi ride) up Aberdeen street.

Our adventure continued with the next stop being the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition at The Space and of coooourse I claimed I knew the way to walk there and of coooourse I made us walk a HUGE detour and took forever to walk there in the SWELTERING HONG KONG SUN. Good thing I was wearing my fav new Carrera reflective sunglasses and at least our never-ending walk allowed us to sticker up all the back streets of Central and stop for awesome outfit photo backdrops. We finally found the Chanel exhibit and despite the strict “No photography” and sneaky ninja security guards, we managed to snap many blurry as fuck photos. Don’t worry though, I’ll be doing a post later on the limited edition Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition book! Anyway we ended the day in pure air-con icy cold bliss at IFC with a huge serving of pineapple and lychee gelato with REAL fruity bits, THE BESTTTT!!!

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Huevos NOT rancheros!

Carrera 6000 (Thanks Fed!)

But I think Jason looks much better in them, no?

Hot sweaty gross adventure begins..

Karl Lagerfeld’s signature looks a lot like Lord & Taylor’s logo….




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