This is a long long overdue life post. I haven’t posted outfit photos or daily-life photos in ages so here’s just a mad recap of what I’ve been up to the past 2 weeks or so.

February 13th, 2009

Went to Model Diner with my bf after class and I had a really goooood barbecue chicken sandwich, which is rare for me cos I don’t general prefer sandwiches.

Got the two gold rings recently at F21, the silver and black chain ring I got when I went on a forced trip to China with my mama over xmas.

My outfit for that day:
F21 bleached jeans, DIY studded Converse, Zara trenchcoat, Yohji Yamamoto scarf, Chloe gym bag.

Doesn’t this building above Virgin megastore at Union Square look like it’s flat like a piece of paperrr??

Met up with Sha later on and was super excited to see that they took off some of the scaffolding outside the Topshop store in SoHo!! Can’t wait!!!!


I bought this awesome Organic Cotton red striped tanktop from H&M back when they had the 20% off any item thing. It reminds me of those old men boaters and laying by the beach! Can’t wait till the weather warms up!


February 15th, 2009

Again wearing our fav Yohji scarf, it’s super warm and cuddly. This was me and my bf’s special day so we just ended up walking around together and going for a glorious meal at Vselka.

My beef stroganof at Vselka, sewwww good. Oh and our delicious sweet potato fries in the back there. My bf had some yummy meatloaf thing that was wrapped in BACON? omgwtfbbq gross!

All done!

Um, yes awesome. This disgustingly overweight family of one mother and 3 fatty girls were sitting by the table next door to us. All they did throughout their whole meal was argue with each other and tease and shout at the youngest daughter whilst she continued to cry constantly as she chomped away at her CHEESEburger.


February 20th, 2009

My two friends from England came to visit (Hi guys!) and I took them to Clinton Street Bakery for some gewd brunch. They loved it so much we went back again right before they flew away.

I spotted this girl outside waiting for a table and I loved her hair. She’s totally owning the bowl cut.

I wore suspenders! I got them like 4 years ago at H&M and barely even worn them..I think this is only like the 2nd time I’ve worn them. In this pic I’m also wearing F21 denim shorts, my Yohji scarf (yes, again), a Kimchi&Blue duffle coat and Miu Miu round sunglasses.

Lol, this is Debbie being awesome with the AA mustache balaclava.

Omg, I took them to Macy’s for some shopping and spotted this amazing manequin. How unfortunate that even fake women can be too flat for a fake herve dress! Too funny!

Oh I also bought this black slouchy hat, something I had been looking for for ages, from Urbie. I added some awesome-ness to it..which you can see in a second.

Oh yeah and LOL omg we went to some random vintage store on 23rd st or something and THIS was on display. TOO FUNNY. I dunno why I happen to be catching all these dress mishaps but this was just too funny.


February 22nd, 2009

My awesomified hat! I added just 3 little cone-spikes to a little side of the hat. Makes me feel 100000 times cooler! It’s really hard to get a clear photo of it..but I’ll make sure to take a more detailed pic soon!

This was my outfit, minus my coat and bag. I’m wearing my DIY-ed hat, BDG jeans, Lark&WolfF for Urbie button shirt. I think I look really Japanese-styled here, no?

Want this mustache cup so bad! Just today we also saw one that said “My cup of tea” which I also really want.


February 25th, 2009

Met up with my oldest friend Kirti for lunch at Republic at Union Square. I’ve almost quite literally known this girl for my whole life. We were friends before we were even born ;)

I had the Tomato Beef Stew noodles and that’s my bf’s Grilled Pork Rice. Soooo yum <3 Republic!


February 27th, 2009

Today was me and Sha’s day-off-fun! So poor Mo had to stay home until he had to go to work, sooo I cooked him up a yummy breakfast before leaving him to go shop hahahaha.

My outfit for our shopping day. Wearing Danskin leggings, Hanes tshirt, Zara trenchcoat, Drake’s cashmere scarf, Urbie plimpsols, Costume Nationale bag, Chloe sunglasses and a big bun of hair on my head.

I took Sha to Cafe Habana for lunch since she hadn’t been there and corn is like one of her favourite foods ever. She’s probably being moody here because we missed our table-call and the fewd was taking too long. But…

We ordered a Quesdailla de Pollo, a side order of yellow rice (my fave) and their famous corn! We shared everything and everything was sooooo good.

Happy the food is here!

So we had a huge day ahead of us, we went to the Barney’s and Intermix sales but..unfortunately didn’t get anything. At the Barney’s sale I spotted these amazing Marni oxfords and another Dries Van Noten oxfords..which I was actually going to get but Sha said I shouldn’t spend money just for the sake of getting something at a sale..which is totally true but I’m still sad I didn’t get them ): Apparently the Barney’s sale goes up to a FURTHER 50% off on the last day which is THIS Sunday March 1st so maybe if I have time I”ll head over again to drool some more.

I did end up getting a super pretty new bra from Urbie and some new specs that me and Sha were searching for on St Marks. Only $6!!


Okay I promise to try and keep updating more often!! I guess life has been falling behind lately, what with all the visitors and the serious pile up of work ):

I haven’t even had the time to go through all the NYFW or any FW runway photos at all. I have like 30 unread emails in my inbox of all the FW updates that I haven’t been able to get round to…I’m already starting to feel super outdated ):

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