Column by Vivian Kuo and photos by Ransom for CityWeekend SH.

Many many months back, me and Jason were featured in one of Shanghai’s most popular English magazine CityWeekend. It’s basically the TimeOut mag (apart from the actual TimeOut Shanghai) of Shanghai. There Sumo and I and Sumo and Jason were, posing all cool and calm like we had no idea we were gonna be magazine ~~centerfolds~~! Oh gosh looking at these photos I’m even just missing my shoulder length hair soooo bad. Some people say I look better with my shorter hair now but honestly guys, I’m majorly regretting cutting my hair. Longer hair made me feel ~girlier~ and it was fun to have more options in hairstyles. Also honestly, it is such a pain right now to tie my hair up when I’m doing something and have basically half my hair fall out at the bottom. Okay having major hair envy right now over my own hair circa June 2013. For now, it’s no more haircuts for me!! Thoughts thoughts thoughts???

P.S. How handsome are my two favourite boys ever!? ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

Denise look 1: Wu Tang CREAM sweatshirt, Zara pleated skirt, Kenzo mesh clutch and Topshop Unique quilted boots. Denise look 2: Zara shirt, Alexander McQueen leather jacket, Uniqlo jeans, Topshop hat, Kenzo mesh clutch and Choies flats (these are cute too). Jason look 1: Norse Project crewneck, Acne pants, Supreme hat and Converse Chuck 70s. Jason look 2: Vintage army jacket, Pigalle tshirt, APC x Supreme jeans and Mark McNairy derby shoes. Sumo’s only look: American Apparel hoodie.

My little baby Sumo is just so silly, sometimes he pretends to be an orphan to get more food from me! Sneaky little guy! Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @_sumodog!

“Please sir, can I’ve some morrree…” #oliversumotwist



ASOS coat, MMM sweater, Nike leggings, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch and Nike Air Max 1 sneakers

I’m here to apologise to my readers that I am fooling all of you. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about anything too serious or life-changing. Just admitting my obsession with everything sportswear and my complete opposite of commitment to actually doing sports. If you can imagine a line graph where as the amount of sportswear gear increases, the amount of exercise done declines so steeply that it’s like the K2 mountain all up in hurr. That’s my relationship with Nike and all its glorious sportswear. It’s hard to be motivated when I have this really great intimate and supportive relationship with the internet and my super comfy computer chair. It doesn’t help that my actual money making job requires me to be in front of the computer screen at least 10 hours a day. The mesh material from my chair has basically permanently imprinted itself on my ass and thighs. Ah well… Let my inner battle between my love for the World Wide Internet (according to my older sister) and my need for a healthier lifestyle rage on.

Bring on the hate comments!

Insane German sausage double beef burger from McDs….okay what? To be honest..very delicious! THIS IS NOT VERY PRODUCTIVE.