Pancakes and Gaga hair

The other day I was craaaaaving pancakes..which is kinda rare for me..the idea of eating PURE carbs with maple syrup just doesn’t always seem appetizing to me..but I dunno, I guess I’m sub-consciously affected by CSB‘s pancake month! So instead of wasting money at a cafe/diner where the pancakes may be good, I decided to make them at home myself! Well actually I used one of those pancake mixes from WF but least it wasn’t just one of those “add water” ones..which seems utterly weird to me for some reason.

My favourite: pancakes and English Breakfast Tea mmmm (:


Forever 21 jeans, BDG tshirt, Topshop scarf, Gap x Pierre Hardy shoes, Zara trenchcoat (not pictured), Mulberry Bayswater (not pictured).

After class this morning and after doing some hmk at home, I walked across to SoHo to run some errands, and on my way picking up an H&M top for 20% off (pics later). Oh and in these pics I’m wearing my new F21 bleached jeans that Sha scored for me quite randomly.

I hadn’t been to SoHo in ages, like walking along Prince St and stuff so it was really nice to be able to roam around again, especially since the weather was gorgeous today.

More about the hair later..


Okay so now it’s time for the hair!

Recently I’ve fallen in love with Lykke Li. She is a Swedish singer and has the most lovely and semi-ethereal voice. Here’s her first song to get you hooked on, you’ve probably heard it in passing somewhere:

This is a screenshot from her video for Little Bit.

How awesome is her hair in these pics? This is basically how I’ve been wearing it for the past few days: really high in a bun..which tbh, is probably receding my hairline if I pull my hair too tight…so I probably shouldn’t wear it like this too often. I just pull my hair up into a really really high ponytail then twist it like a ballerina bun then tuck it in some here and there then done!

Now…as posted previously here, I am in love with Lady Gaga’s hairbow. After trying out the DIY method I posted about before, it was too messy and kinda hard to do if your hair isn’t ass-grazing length…so lucky for me, I found another tutorial from Strawberry Milkshakes that is ten times easier and kinda more realistic to wear out doors without people snickering at you and calling you names!

So this is how I wore my hair today – I wrapped the center of the “bow” in a chain hair-tie thingie that I made. I love it! So wearable and so easy! Expect to see these two blobs on my head more often (:


Oh and now on a blog-related note, you can now read this blog by typing in
instead of the wordpress address. I’m slowly upgrading my blog..even though readership isn’t as high as I wish…I mean my stats are semi-high for me..but no one leaves comments! So please leave comments if you ever stop by!

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