COS stripey tee, Alexander McQueen leather jacket, Zara pants, Nike Inneva Woven Free sneakers, Proenza Schouler PS1 Crowd Print from

Toting around this bad boy of a bag, the Proenza Schouler PS1 in Crowd Print. HK-based rent-a-bag company LuxTNT gave me a temporary high with this bag, allowing me to stuff it with my usual crap for a day out to meet my A Boy Named Sue and Lightseed Studio buddies around the Po Hing Fong area. We brunched at NOSH Tai Ping Shan and did some quick browsing around the area, mostly checking out the delicious bread (omgomgogmogmogmogmgilovecarbs) at Po’s Atelier. #GIVEMEALLYOURBREAD

Picked up ANOTHER stripey tee while I was in HK..because it’s totally reasonable to own more than 5. Trust me, they’re ALL different. Blue stripes, black stripes, thin stripes, thick stripes. I’ve also been wearing Jason’s leather jacket to death lately. It’s a little too oversized in the shoulders but it’ll have to do until I find my own holy grail of a leather jacket. Soon..soon… I love my hair colour in these pics but unfortunately, the intensity of the pink has since been dialed down to a negative 100. The color fades SO fast. I’ve been researching some other alternatives to help the color stay longer and after all the research, I’ve concluded that I’m just too lazy and that pink hair is toooo high maintenance for me, so I’ll just stick to lazy blonde for now. Doing the absolute least in the morning to look my absolute best is my morning goal in life.

Photos by Carmen Chan.

Okay what did I tell you about the bread at Po’s Atelier? We had just finished lunch so I didn’t buy any actual bread, instead opting for delicious fluffy Madeleines. If you’re in HK, you definitely need to come here. I haven’t tried the brunch or meals there but I bet they’re extra delicious.

omgomg this cheesy Fromage stick (I live for cheesy breads)

Guhhhhh super cool alien Jambon Yunnan twirly thing

CUTEST snail-like cinnamon loafs!

What I would give to have a toasted slice of this Ange Sourdough loaf with a slick of French butter.. #nobreadnolife (  ゜Д゜)⊃旦

Clockwise from the necklace: Moratorium Iridescent Cut Away Pyramid necklace, COS chain bracelet, vintage heart ring, Tiffany plain ring, Vita Fede Titan ring, Moratorium 3-stack rings, Catbird Mignon knuckle ring, Bing Bang angle ring, Alex Mika V ring and Jennifer Zeuner Love Chain ring (last four from The9thMuse)

These bottom 3 dainty little thangs are my latest additions and I’ve been obsessively wearing them as a set. Rings are definitely one thing that I feel “naked” without if I’m out so it’s a good thing The9thMuse hooked me up with these goodies to keep my fingers always dressed!

These 3 Moratorium stack rings (comes as a set) are my other favourite go-to rings. Along with the iridescent cut-away pyramid necklace in the back, your coolness factor is instantly OTT (over the top for you non-90’s babies). Moratorium is now finally stocked in Hong Kong at WOAW Store at 11 Gough Street!


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