So I have been so unproductive lately. Apart from sawing and hammering my shoebox yesterday and today, i really haven’t done much work at all which leaves me pretty freaking screwed this weekend.
So instead of wasting my time talking about what happened here’s a sum up:

Eugene Cheung is here and Philbert and Calvin came a few days after him, so just been hanging out alot with them lot and Shasha and Vulehreh. Been doing lots of eating and walking around and doing very little of going to school.


you’re an animal! you’re an animal!

kmart <3

silly <3

uniqlo <3’s giles deacon. (



i ruf elves

funky pumpy

mo and nicole!

Quickly <3


me and val glasses

nana’s friend

don’t know why i’m cupping the camcam..?

what? WHY?!?!?!??!?!

silly louie!!!

i feel a gif in the works..

pizza face

pizza aftermath
<3 bones



heaven squished between two bunz


Spicey Sichuan Hotpot with Wang et les hommes.

LOL LOL look at val’s face O.O


nick jr. cards <3

irene ghost!

man that took long. back to non-work.


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