Jarlo London white dress, Monki trenchcoat, Topshop Astrix boots, Opening Ceremony OCLA satchel, Mona Mara UK necklace from and Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte lipstick in MAT4.

My main objective is to stop looking like a teenager. It doesn’t help that here I am in a white “innocent” lace-y extremely butt-grazing dress that definitely should not be worn without a long coat and a school girl baby pink satchel bag, hanging out in an abandoned playground like all really cool really rebellious original teenagers do (lol okay). Anyway, my point is that I’m trying not to go too hard on the grungy school girl look but the allure of easy dressing and non-slutty-sluttiness really just subconsciously draws me in. I love my new Opening Ceremony disgustingly innocent strawberry pale pink bag too much and you can never tear me away from dresses/skirts and tights combo. And well..the playground is just outside my house and was convenient to shoot in okay?

Zoom in to the perfect matte truly red lipstick. Maybelline really knocks it out the park (omg not this deathly common saying but so apropro right now) with this Bold Matte lipstick in MAT4. Never fading, long lasting that is until you scrub real hard to wipe off the leftover rice from lunch. This is now officially a staple in my (little baby pink) handbag and I don’t even need to apply a coat of Carmex before hand! Perfect for lazy me.

GOD DAMMIT HOW FUCKING COOL is this Mona Mara Okay necklace from My new favourite ughhhhh sooo good.

Playground essentials: Céline glasses so as to not blindly run into any surprising poles, Chupa Chups to keep you from licking anything else you shouldn’t lick on a playground, Supreme scorpian keychain to ward off any evil bullies, Moleskine white notebook to take note of any meanies’ names (or hotties’ numbers!!) and lastly Maybelline Bold Matte lipstick to look fucking hot whilst doing all of the above.

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